Saturday, March 04, 2006

TWO Internet DATING Sites that are crawling with SCAMMERS!

A majority of the 'women' scammers I have worked CONTACTED ME on one of these two dating sites.
Both are crawling with SCAMMERS, both Russian, and Nigerian. Please note, I did not contact these women directly. In all cases, I set up a middle-aged 'male' profile, and sat back. Within 24 hours, they were contacting ME on the internal email system.
NOTE:There are some 'legitmate' people on these sites, BUT, due to the massive amounts of SCAMMERS you will have to wade through to get to them, I would advise keeping away from these two dating sites.

What should make me suspicious of somebody who contacts me on a dating site?

ALWAYS CHECK THE PROFILE OF THE PERSON ON THE DATING SITE! Frequently, the details will change after they contact you...age, location, PICTURE, name, occupation, ANYTHING!
Be suspicious if they list a US address on the profile, and then tell you they are in another country in an email.
The PROFILE has a thumbnail of a pretty,buxom, blue eyed, blonde. The pictures they send are of a redhead with brown eyes, who is pretty, but could use a meal!
The 'Lawyer' in the profile is now a 'food service worker' in the emails.
The NIGERIAN scammers also have trouble getting the physical descriptions 'right'. Sometimes you'll see a 6'0" Girl who weighs 80 pounds in the profile!
The NIGERIANS will frequently claim to be a US citizen, working somewhere else.
FREQUENTLY, they will use a picture of a pretty girl, claim to be a MODEL working in some AFRICAN company, and they magically, are 'stranded' and need help, (and money!)
(Stories range from 'passport stolen, man trying to rape me, can't pay hotel bill, lost airline ticket, brought her for job and they skipped out without paying me....' and on, and on.....

Be smart, use your head on ANY dating site. Do not give out damaging personal information, or send money or gifts to ANYONE you have not met!

"That girl looks like the girl I'm writing but has a different name!"

Yes, they can have MANY names! The girl in the picture on the left has used over 40, (or more!) and counting. The 'names' are temporary. The sets of pictures, and letters, seem to stick around a little longer.
When you begin to suspect the RUSSIAN girl you are writing to be a scammer, doing a search for her name, alone, on GOOGLE is not enough!
Many of the names they use are common names. You may not find anything easily, or the name is 'fresh', or not reported, yet. Do a quick search of the name, then the email address, strange phrases in the letter, addresses, and THEN check the SCAMMER site gallerys for a picture of your 'sweetie'.
It's common for me to hear from 'slightly suspicious victims' in the making, something like, "Yes, that's a picture of my OLGA, but maybe they stole it and are using it. I could be writing to the REAL Olga, who is not a scammer, and really loves me, and wants a fat 54 year old man for a lover and husband. I know she really loves me...."
It's up to you. The clues are there. Some people won't accept they have been scammed, even after they've sent thousands of dollars to a girl they've yet to see, or even get a phone call from.
It's OK to be suckered by these ladies a little. They make money at it. If you happen to 'wake up' in time, you can save yourself some money, and some heartache.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Julia, Diana, and more names....another SATELLITE Scammer!

This is one I worked at the end of last year, briefly, and into a few days, this year. I lost interest when I found sufficient data on the 'net that established this 'face' with scamming activity.
I just happened to look at the old emails, and discovered the emails were sent via a Satellite Internet Service Provider in Germany.


(Didn't think to check earlier.)

More information at:

Katya Samigullina, Kazan Suspected HIGH TECH SCAMMER

This one threw me for a loop at first! She appears to be using a satellite internet service, which hides her actual IP.
Her letters contain some obvious scammer traits, as well as direct
sentences from other scammer letters.