Friday, April 21, 2006

Can I send her to the 'bank' a third time?

This is Elena, who claims to be in Murmansk, but really is in Mari El! The pictures 'she' sends are of some lovely model, and are not of the person writing the steamy letters! I've given her two fake Western Union money transfer numbers so far, and am trying for a third. This means, 'somebody', has to go to a local bank, and attempt to claim the money. Usually, the scammers use a local prostitute, or female cohort to do this, using minimal fake ID.
'Elena' has made the trip twice, but has come away empty handed!
Can I make her go again?
Stay tuned!

Note:Sending 'false' money transfer numbers is just one method of harrassing known scammers. It takes some effort to go to try to collect the money, plus, they can't show up too often, or they'll raise suspicions! Posting information on them on the internet is another means to expose them, and possibly warn a potential victim.

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Elenka81, Suspected Scammer

This is Elena, who uses the email
She was active on several dating sites. The information we have is from her contact with one potential victim.
She appears to be another product of the same people that bring us Oksana Belousova, Marina Perminova, Gulnur, Almaz, and probably more, once we can identify them.
IP in the early emails pointed to Mari El. Her latest letter indicates she has switched to the same satellite internet service 'Oksana and friends' are using. That, and a similarity in letters, leads us to believe she's just another 'persona' of this group.
If you have any information on this 'lady', please report it! VICTIM reports for this group are scarce! Prosecution is unlikely, but not impossible!

Never send money to these ladies!
The story may be 'sweet', but the ending won't be happy!


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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tanya Sosnina, new face?

Tanya seems to be a product of the same group that gives us Oksana Belousova, Marina Perminova, Gulnur, and 'Almaz, the Agent'.
IP, and version of 'The Bat!' are the same.
She is also using the German/Iran satellite internet provider.
We're early into collecting letters and pictures of 'Tanya', but she needs to be posted, to warn potential victims.
Tanya Sosnina
Birthdate: April 15
The BAT! Version: 1.62r
IP: (Satellite Internet service)

Follow the letters at:

Be careful on internet dating and chat sites! These 'women' are everywhere! You are NOT writing the pretty girl in the pictures, but a criminal in Mari El!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gulnur Ahmatgalieva

This is one that has surfaced, recently, and appears to be a product of the same group that brings us Oksana Belousova.
'She' has been successful in defrauding at least one victim, and more may surface.

She uses 'Almaz', the 'Agent', to collect fees for travel, visas, and other expenses.
Never send money to these women, whatever the story is!

CITY: Perm

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Are the girls in the pictures the actual scammer?

Usually not! The pictures of the pretty girls are just a tool used by criminals to steal money! Rarely is the girl involved in any way.
Sometimes the pictures are stolen from the internet, and may be of models, or TV and movie stars. (In Russia)
Sometimes, local girls are paid a little money to pose for sets of pictures. Less frequently, the girl is associated with the scammers, or the actual scammer.
It's difficult to detach the pretty face and name from the scam, particularily when talking about it. I know 'Natasha' may not be involved, but, there's not a more convenient method to describe the scam attempt.
Just remember, you are most likely NOT in communication with the girl, and will never meet the girl!
'She' is not looking for marriage, or love with somebody she met on the internet.
'She' just wants money!

This BLOG will be contributed to by several BAITERS....

The blog creator, Stepan, is busy with other projects. He feels it's important to publish this information on the internet, so is allowing other 'baiters' access to publish on this blog.
Moose N. Squirrel has taken over as ADMIN of the blog, and the connected bulletin board.
Stepan, will still be active, but in a limited capacity.
(The rumours of his impending marriage to a Russian girl are unfounded.....)

Marina Perminova

Marina Perminova is another product of the same people who bring us 'Oksana Belousova'.

She's prominent on many dating sites, as 'Marina123'.
Do not send this lady money, or her 'agent', ALMAZ.
You will never meet her!

More info:

Russian Romance scammers plague internet dating, and chat sites! Be careful! NEVER SEND MONEY!

Almaz Gabdullin, SCAMMER!

This is the faked, internal Passport of 'Almaz Gabdullin'. Almaz poses as a 'travel and visa' agent for several girls, including Oksana Belousova, Marina Perminova, and Gulnur. (More suspected!)
All of these identities are the product of scammers, and it's suspected it's one, scammer group.
VICTIMS will be directed to contact 'Almaz' to arrange for payments of Travel, and VISA fees for the potential bride. The money is sent via Western Union, and the girl never arrives to meet her suitor.
If the victim seems willing to part with some money, other 'emergencies' may befall the lady, and payments for medical expenses, fines, or bribes, may be requested.
You are not dealing with the girl in the pictures, and/or, she has NO intention of meeting you!
ALMAZ uses the following email addresses:
IF you have sent money to this man, there is little chance of prosecution, or getting any of your money back. It is important that you report this crime!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Oksana with a 'sign' picture!

Oksana Belousova, RUSSIAN ROMANCE SCAMMER, (and my 'project of the month') has produced a 'sign' picture, to prove her love for 'John Hart'.
Of course, she is also asking him to send her thousands of dollars, so she can fly to meet him, and marry him, or sleep with him, or.......whatever a 'victim' wants to think will happen when he sends money to one of these scammers!

Oksana has never seen a picture of 'John', and he has barely written a few paragraphs to her, but, greed is a powerful thing, and the smell of money has 'Oksana' saying anything to get it.
'Oksana' can't help it. She's just a loving person. At the moment, she's probably writing love letters to many men. She's just that kind of girl.....

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