Tuesday, December 16, 2008

russian scammer


elenakrasivaya@googlemail.com Fresh one!

My name is Elena.I am 28 years old. I am a lonely, young, attractive, kind, careful, sociable girl with a perfect sense of humor. I am in search at this moment. Certainly, I search for the man, who will support me in all. This man should be a handsome, clever, strong-willed, self-sufficient, and strong. He should be a good interlocutor. He should be able to support conversations on any themes. He also should have a good sense of humor .I search for man for the long, serious relations. I need the man for creation of strong, amicable family. I like the mature men, elder than me. If you are lonely, and you think that we approach each other. Write to me, I necessarily shall answer to you. Probably we can become the pleasant interlocutors or we shall have serious relations. My electronic address is: elenakrasivaya@googlemail.com I wait for the letters with impatience.

Fresh 'contact' message on a dating site profile of mine...

And her profile text..

I am a very serious person in a lot of things but i can be real fun and have a wonderful time. I like to see a lot of all type of movies.I am a outgoing person and i like for people to be honest and be straight with words. I like to hear what people have to say and don't give option unless they ask for it. Just be the person you are and I will be the person I am and we will have a wonderful time.I'm open minded and out spoken, I call it the way I see it. I speak the truth, its always best in the long run and easy to remember, instead of trying to remember which lie u told. I am very affectioate and have lots of love to give to the right man.I enjoy camping, dining out , movies, a walk at the beach or a park, but I am also happy spending quiet time at home.just watching a movie and cuddling on the couch. ok what i am looking for, a decent man, honest and truthful, good sense of humor is a must, must be affectionate and not afraid to show it, and someone who like a good conversations, must enjoy going out but also spending time at home..I am a down to earth woman who love life and everything beautiful in it! I will like to meet a respectable man who knows what he wants in life! Honesty is a plus! Looking for that special person to share many experiences with positiveness.Someone who has the time and to be interested in a relationship..I would like to meet someone that have the same interests as I do but are willing to do things we have not done and try them together. Family is very important to me...If you find me interesting, go ahead and drop me a message and i will get back to you as soon as i can..

scammer tatyana Mariupol

Tatyana Mariupol Μαριούπολη Ukraine skype msn SCAMMER

Tatyana mariupol Μαριούπολη skype msn dating scammer

Victoria Malikova - Ukraine Lugansk based PRO DATER - SCAMMER

Victoria Malikova - AKA Behalova Pt 2 more Pics

Ekaterina Denisova - WARNING: Russian Scammer

Russian Romance Scammers, explained....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Romance Scam News Report

Another scam video

Globaltvontario.com show romancescam.com

Thanks, Romancescambaiter for this video!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ksenia Video2 More fun with Google!

We dig little deeper, and find a lot more info on this scammer, actually, a group of scammers.

Ksenia Video1 beautifulgirl1983@yahoo.com

The first step in self detection of russian romance scams!
More to follow!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Not only is she a scammer, but she is being scammed by a thief who is charging her money to remove her videos...

He/SHE/It is a pig.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Elena Petrova, Mari El Scam Girl High Res

Another 'old' bait, and I'm not sure the pictures are in use currently, but they usually come back, periodically.

Russian men drink vodka, beat the woman!

This video, winner of the coveted 'One Star' from Dateintoblog,conveys the sentiment MALE Russian scammers, tell western men, when these scammers are posing as Russian women!

I think it's funny! Russian men calling themselves drunks, pigs, and idiots!

The not so funny part is they do this while they are trying to steal money...

tatyseks@gmail.com, Mari El Cam Scam

this is a scam! The scammers send messages to thousands of men at a time, claiming this girl will do nasty things online with a cam, if they send her money for an overly expensive webcam.

Guess what? This is our friends in Mari El, again!

Michelle_rus@inbox.com SCAMMER

Somewhat new mode, this scammer sends little video clips of the girl....

Big Lenochka leaves me a message!

More fun, from Mari El! Don't send money!

Antonina 'Tonya' Gololobova, Ukraine Scammer

This is a 'pro dater'. Keep away, you will lose money, gain nothing...

Elena Werter, Russian Romance Scam girl!

She's live, a rare 'live' girl, posing for pics, and is STILL ACTIVE, using different names and email addresses!

Elena Werter, Russian Romance Scam girl!

She's live, a rare 'live' girl, posing for pics, and is STILL ACTIVE, using different names and email addresses!

Yuliya, the Mari El Bimbo Scam girl!

Yuliya, trashy girl who poses for scam pictures! Mari El scum, of course!

Natalya, Mari El CAM scammer

This is a 'cam scam' from Mari El!

Natalya, Mari El CAM scammer

This is a 'cam scam' from Mari El!

Eugeny, and the Chicken Ranch

An old bait, but funny....

Russian Romance Scammers, explained....

A brief intro to Russian Romance scammers