Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This is a new persona from a scammer group in Mari El. This picture was sent to me by mistake, as another girl the scammer group is responsible for. I stumbled upon the scam report on her at, and the pieces fell together. NEVER SEND MONEY!

These scammers have the money for a satellite internet connection, (Planetsky) and have at least 10 'personas' I've been able to identify!

Don't send money!!!!!

This site is crawling with both Russian, and Nigerian scammers! I can identify many while browsing this dating site. I advise you to keep away!
Never send money to someone you only know from the internet!

Oksana Belousova, Oksana123 at

Oksana is always on the 'net, somewhere! DO NOT SEND MONEY! This is a well known scammer persona of a group operating from Mari El! You are not in contact with the lady in the pictures! There are so many pictures of Oksana available, I guess she is actually posing for the pictures, but, YOU WILL NEVER MEET THIS WOMAN! DO NOT SEND MONEY!

Marina Perminova, at

Another of the orphan group, on this dating site crawling with scammers! Marina supposedly 'died' recently, but her spirit lingers on! DO NOT SEND MONEY!

Elena Novoselova, Scammer at

This is a known scammer persona, part of the 'Orphan Group' from the Republic of Mari El! Do not send money! You are not in contact with the person in the picture!
I have two other reports on this blog on this persona, using two different cities, and occupations!