Sunday, December 02, 2007

What has lots of blue eye shadow but doesn't live in a trailer park?

Juliya.......from Yoshkar Ola!!!!

Hi my friend . I very much would Like to learn about

you more. Now there is a little about me: I live in Kirov,

Russia. My birthday of October 26 1983.. Well, my

body height is 170 centimeters and weight is 45 kg. I am single,

and I have no children. My favorite colour is red. So, also I

very much like sports competitions and everything, that this

includes. I am engaged with aerobics, i graduated a higher insti

tution as a psycologist but now I work as a shop-assistant in the shop.

I like to dance!!! I want to find a man with which I could

stay the rest of my life. I do not want to make a mistake in my

choise. My intention is very serious. I think that

we shall understand each other. I think, that this is how it sould be.

I can not know what the future will prepare for us, but I shall

help you to learn more about me. I have never been married. I

Have no children. I would like to find the worthy companion of life. I

think, that weshould understand and become friends . I like flowers but especially

roses, and tulips, I think that these flowers are as gentle as me.

In free time I like to listen to music. I like all kinds of music but it depends on my mood.

I hope, that you find my words interesting and that it is the beginning

of our friendship. I wait for your answer .

Your Juliya.


This one is live, and very prolific! Don't send money!