Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This is a new persona from a scammer group in Mari El. This picture was sent to me by mistake, as another girl the scammer group is responsible for. I stumbled upon the scam report on her at, and the pieces fell together. NEVER SEND MONEY!

These scammers have the money for a satellite internet connection, (Planetsky) and have at least 10 'personas' I've been able to identify!

Don't send money!!!!!

This site is crawling with both Russian, and Nigerian scammers! I can identify many while browsing this dating site. I advise you to keep away!
Never send money to someone you only know from the internet!

Oksana Belousova, Oksana123 at

Oksana is always on the 'net, somewhere! DO NOT SEND MONEY! This is a well known scammer persona of a group operating from Mari El! You are not in contact with the lady in the pictures! There are so many pictures of Oksana available, I guess she is actually posing for the pictures, but, YOU WILL NEVER MEET THIS WOMAN! DO NOT SEND MONEY!

Marina Perminova, at

Another of the orphan group, on this dating site crawling with scammers! Marina supposedly 'died' recently, but her spirit lingers on! DO NOT SEND MONEY!

Elena Novoselova, Scammer at

This is a known scammer persona, part of the 'Orphan Group' from the Republic of Mari El! Do not send money! You are not in contact with the person in the picture!
I have two other reports on this blog on this persona, using two different cities, and occupations!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Marina Perminova has died! (not really!)

Marina has died!
No, not really!
She is alive and well on her other email accounts!
Marina is a product of a scammer group in Mari El. Mari El is a republic in the Former Soviet Union.
Most of these scams are conducted by men.
You will never meet this lady, or see her corpse!
Marina uses many email accounts, and is on many dating sites.
If you see her face, you are dealing with a scammer!
She is probably a local girl paid to pose for these pictures, or may be part of the scam, but you will never meet her!


Hello mine John. I am very glad to that that you have not given up to me in to help,
lovely mine I am sick a cancer of a stomach, lovely I if you may send me money about
please send me money through the western union for name Belle Sofya the country Russia
street Tver the house 46 apartment 114. after you will send me money came to me a full
name the country and city. And MTCN a code. It would be necessary to me for that what to
take away money. Please to help me. I wait for the answer.


Hello. it is friend Marina, I want to tell you that Marina was lost because of a cancer, and before death she has given
me the password on the mail a box and would ask that I have written to you the letter, and she has still told that at it
you most are close which person she liked, and would tell that I have asked money to its funeral for you! Send money so
much how many can, please send money through the western union for my name Belle Sofya, the country Russia, city of
Saint Petersburg street 67 apartment 187 New the house and after will send money write to me how many have sent, your
full name the country the address this information is necessary for me for that that I could to take away money. And
on it I shall finish and I hope that you will help with funeral.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Oksana Belousova is desperate for money!

She sent this to an old email account of mine, one that had confronted her with her scammer status!! They don't know who you are. They don't care. They don't remember you. DON'T SEND MONEY!!!!
She included a couple of new cheescake pictures.....

(Notice: they didn't bother to include my name in the letter!)

Hello my beloved.... I think, that you likely at all did not expect this letter to receive
from me. Yes, we with you already for a long time did not communicate, but I nevertheless
for this time have not forgotten you, I remember. I hope, what you too have not forgotten
me??? You remember me??? Likely you will recollect, when you will see my photos which I to
you shall send my lovely. How your day at work, how your state of health??? I hope, that
at you everything is all right and you are good yourself feel and are happy.
For that time while we with you did not correspond, at me much has taken place in life,
and good and bad. But now, thank God I in the order and all my affairs at work go on
hurrah... I have promoted, began to earn better, than earlier. Though and not the big
money, but nevertheless it is pleasant.
Likely you are asked, why I write you??? I hope, that I now shall write to you, will bring
to you pleasure, but before I would like to recollect our correspondence. When only we
have got acquainted, as we were fastened with you of the relation. What we each other
tested feelings, you remember it??? And I remember... At me a lot of pleasant memoirs from
ours with you of correspondence. You see both of us so dreamed of the big love, about
family, about children, and about a meeting. About this meeting I want with you and to
I very much would like to meet and be with you with you together. If certainly for this
time, you any more have not found to yourself the girlfriend of life and did not begin
from it the relation, married and then and so forth... Yes, first of all, as your private
life how it at you has developed???
About what I want to talk to you my lovely. I would like to arrive to you my lovely. For
this purpose, I have means, but not completely. I can issue the passport for travel abroad
make a medical expense insurance, and the visa, to departure you. That is all necessary
documents, I can issue here. The ticket and all is necessary for me only. I hope, that if
you want our meeting likely with the ticket you to me can the help my lovely.
Well, on it I shall finish the letter and with the big impatience I shall wait from you
for the answer. I hope, that I shall receive the positive answer from you my lovely. I
wait, I miss, yours Oksana.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Marina Perminova has cancer!

Really? Not likely! This is a common ploy used by scammers to squeeze money from a victim! Don't send money!!

Hello my lovely!
At present I am in Moscow, at me have found a cancer, and doctors have
told me that it is necessary operation, and are operation costs, 1700 USD! Lovely mine if
you may that the help to me with 600 USD! Operation is very urgently necessary for me,
lovely please help to me this money I very much ask you, I yet do not want to die, I want
to live, and at whom I can ask money it for you. As at me any more who is not present.
Whether lovely mine answer me you can help me this money? And on it I shall finish the
letter and with not patience I wait from you for the answer to one century yours Marina.


And many more!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Oksana Belousova has lost her job, and has no money for clothes!

Hello my lovely, my beloved!!!

I have gone to Internet - cafe as in this situation except for you I do not know to whom
to me still to address. My love I am very strong you I like, but at present to me it is
very bad, at me an awful situation. My lovely the matter is that in our city there have
stepped colds and in the street it is very bad. My love the matter is that me have
expelled about work as on this place have found better the employee. Which familiar our
chief. Well I want to ask at you the help in money as this severe winter I absolutely do
not have winter clothes and I do not know that to me to dress. Mine I love I ask you that
you have sent me even money at a rate of 100-150 dollars as even on this money I can buy
to myself clothes. I hope that you can to me the helps as I do not have anybody on whom I
more can rely. On it I shall finish the letter, with impatience I shall wait for the
prompt answer, with love and forever, yours Oksana.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Elena has a new email address! Hello, sweetie, nice that you remember me!!


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Maria Kozlova on Cupidbay as NataliaLovers

Known scammer, at Cupidbay! I have a post on her earlier as 'Maria Kozlova'.



Location: Kirov Russian Federation
I am a: 29 year old woman
seeking: man between the ages of 29 and 90 for a long-term relationship
Height: 170 cm Drinker: no
Hair Color: red/auburn Smoker: no
Eye Color: blue Education: secondary/high school
Figure: average Marital Status: single
Fitness: no Have Children: no
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Want Children: yes
Religion: other Languages:

I like:
Readink, To prepare, float

I dislike:

About me and who I would like to meet:
I at all do not love jealousy, I consider that in life, including
The complete trust and understanding should be family.
Therefore I for myself have decided, that before I shall enter the serious attitudes(relations) I
As it is possible I shall learn the man better.
The people speak about me as about the good and correct girlfriend.
I the man, to which am possible to trust.
I always constrain the promises.

Same girl, three different profiles, Cupidbay, as usual.

Here's one I recognize, three different profiles, so far.....


Location: zeleno Russian Federation
I am a: 29 year old woman
seeking: man between the ages of 30 and 55 for a long-term relationship
Height: 162 cm Drinker: no
Hair Color: black Smoker: no
Eye Color: black Education: college/university
Figure: slim/slender Marital Status: single
Fitness: occasionally Have Children: no
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Want Children: yes
Religion: Christian/Catholic Languages:

I like:
Friendship, fidelity, family

I dislike:
Treachery, not fidelity .irresponsibility

About me and who I would like to meet:
Hi! My friends would describe me as a very warm, caring and compassionate person with a somewhat bizarre sense of humor - usually carrying a smile on my face. I very much hope to meet my half of soul and heart - it. I wish to meet the person who can accept me such, than I shall be also which can simply grow loving me. This person should be kind, fair, cautious and cheerful, it should be my unique thing. I think, that I want from a life not much.. I am a silent person while I do not know you, then tensely I expect! I tend to be direct - possess шпорой actions of the moment. I am unbiassed and capable to see both parties of problems


Location: boise Russian Federation
I am a: 28 year old woman
seeking: man between the ages of 30 and 60 for a long-term relationship
Height: 168 cm Drinker: no
Hair Color: black Smoker: no
Eye Color: green Education: college/university
Figure: athletic Marital Status: single
Fitness: regularly Have Children: no
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Want Children: yes
Religion: Christian/Catholic Languages: English

I like:
black skin

I dislike:

About me and who I would like to meet:
Hello! My name Katya.
I work as the hairdresser now. I`m 26 I years old the rather
attractive man. I like dialogue with the people. I listen to various
music pop reggy classic. I would like to meet the clever and kind man
with which I could create family. Knowabout me more you can if you
will write to me the letter.
I want to meet a kind, honest ,loving,caring man. This man will be my best friend and my best love and he will
be beside a loving, tender, caring woman and have a happy family and wonderful children. I’d like to build our
relations on the basis of mutual respect, trust, understanding, love and each of us should try and make each
other happier and we’ll feel comfortable and well together.


Location: Kazan Russian Federation
I am a: 28 year old woman
seeking: man between the ages of 28 and 45 for a long-term relationship
Height: 165 cm Drinker: no
Hair Color: dark brown Smoker: no
Eye Color: grey Education: college/university
Figure: average Marital Status: widowed
Fitness: occasionally Have Children: yes, living with me
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Want Children: yes
Religion: other Languages:

I like:
I like life

I dislike:
I dislike lie and a deceit

About me and who I would like to meet:
I the lonely woman. In my opinion I nice. I work as the teacher at
school. I have the son to him 8 years. I think, that the life just
begins. 28 years it are not a lot of.
The main thing that the man was fair and careful. I search for the man
for which family this main thing. I do not love treachery and a deceit.
Near to the man his wife should feel like protected. Family this most
important for me.

Lesya1975 at

This is a known scammer persona, and part of the 'Orphan Group'.
Her current ID is 'Lesya1975' at, a dating site crawling with scammers!!


Location: Kazan' Russian Federation
I am a: 31 year old woman
seeking: man between the ages of 27 and 48 for a long-term relationship
Height: 173 cm Drinker: no
Hair Color: light brown Smoker: no
Eye Color: brown Education: college/university
Figure: slim/slender Marital Status: single
Fitness: regularly Have Children: no
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Want Children: yes
Religion: Christian/Catholic Languages:

I like:
music. going in for sport

I dislike:

About me and who I would like to meet:
I dont know what to tell about myself because I think it is not good to tell about myself. I think you will learn about me more when we will correspondence with you. If you agree with me please write ... ok?

Don't send money!!!! You are not in contact with the girl in the picture!!!

Gratuitous Oksana Belousova post

I'm doing this, because I can! This scammer manages to stick around, using the same name, and persona! Let's put whoever this is, out of business!
She appears on many dating sites, and various bulletin boards on the 'net.
Due to the high number of pictures of this lady, it's likely she is involved in the criminal activity, if only to pose for pictures.
Don't send money!

The BAT! goes a-wandering!

'The Bat!' is the favorite email handling program of Russian scammers! If you look in the email headers of the letters they send, you will see it in over 90% of the headers! It is a RELIABLE indicator you are dealing with a scammer!
Now, the producer of 'The Bat!', has added a new version, called 'Voyager'.
It is the same as 'The Bat', but there will be no reference to the older program in the headers, BUT, VOYAGER, and a version number will show up in it's place!

EXAMPLE, from header: X-Mailer: Voyager (v3.86.03) Professional

If you see 'The Bat!' or 'Voyager' in the email headers, you are dealing with a scammer!


Tanya Ozerki surfaces as Yuliya Novoselova

Tatyana Ozerki has resurfaced as Yuliya Novoselova. No matter which name you see associated with pictures of this girl, don't send money!!!

Email address used:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 is a dating site crawling with scammers! Do NOT patronize this site!
I looked at the 'premium' members, and saw a virtual 'who's who' of Russian, and Nigerian scammers!
Marina1979, on that site, is a known scammer persona, Marina Perminova. Many more faces are recognizable by me!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Oksana Belousova, New email address, same old scam!

Same old scam. I ignored her for a few months, then sent a simple 'hi' email. She picked back up where we left off. New email address, though.

Her hair is a different color, again, in this bad picture, with a different cat!

Never send this scammer money!

September 29.

"It you have ceased to me to write. I did not forget you."

October 1

Hello my beloved XXX.

I was very glad to see your letter today my lovely which has very much pleased me and the
pleasure has presented me. At me all is good, all is simply wonderful. I hope, as at you
too all affairs go wonderfully my lovely. How your day today how you have carried out
it??? Lovely mine, you simply do not imagine. As I want to be near to you to appear most
likely in your gentle and tender embraces. Lovely mine, tomorrow I shall go in
the tourist company in details to find out all and when I can submit my documents for
preparation of them that I might leave to you. Also I would like to ask you my lovely that
you have informed me about the most international airport nearest to you that I could find
out exact details of the ticket and also its cost. And then I shall inform you my lovely.
I hope, that these news are pleasant for you. On it I shall finish the letter and with the
big impatience I shall wait from you for the answer my lovely. Yours Oksana.

October 3

Hello my beloved XXX... With today was in travel agency, and has found out
about full cost of the air ticket to arrive to you. I should fly all over again to Moscow,
and then from Moscow to you. Full cost of the air ticket 650 euro. My darling if you
can send me this money in a week I tomorrow shall submit documents on manufacturing of my
airport of medical insurance, visas. In a week, these 650 euros my darling will be
necessary for me. You can me with it my darling in a week that I could reserve the ticket.
Yours Oksana.

October 8

Hello my darling XXX
I am again glad to write to you the letter which I hope will
bring to you pleasure. But where you again were gone my darling why again has ceased to
write??? I hope, what at you all is fine also you well itself feel??? How has passedyour
day off, than you were engaged my darling??? I'm fine, all my business go is remarkable.
If it is fair, I am very glad to that you again have started to write to me. But I wish to
tell, that I do not want again long correspondence, I would like to meet and find out more
likely with you you any more under those our letters which we write each other as it
nevertheless does not give us of full representation about each other. I hope, what you
agree with it my darling??? And consequently, I would not like to pull and postpone ours
with you a meeting to meet earlier. In fact so we can understand and find out each other
better and it will be much more pleasant to us to see an alive image before eyes, than a
photo. I also hope, that you will give me the answer to my last letter my darling, you
will help me with the ticket or not... I very much hope, that you with it will help me my
darling because I very much wish to be with you.

I shall finish the small letter and with big impatience I shall wait for a news from you.
I hope, this letter will bring to you pleasure and my love. Your beloved Oksana.

October 11

Hello my beloved XXXXX I am happy to write again to you the letter which will
bring to you pleasure. I am very glad to read your letter which has very much pleased me
my darling, and I am happy to write to you. I am glad that at you all well. As has passed
today your day, as your mood. I'm fine, I am remarkable myself I feel my darling. Your
letter has raised to me mood and has warmed to me the heart, flaring love to you.

Does not pass day, hour, minute and second, that I do not think of you. To me and in the
truth very much, it is very strong you there is no my darling, my precious.

You simply do not represent my darling, today we had first frosts, and was very cold in
the morning, but by a dinner weather has a little become warmer. Yes. Soon a winter, I
think, that the first snow will already soon drop out. And how at you with weather??? Soon
again all will become covered by circle a snow, white white.

Also I have put a copy of the passport my lovely, but it only the Russian passport when I
shall receive foreign, I can send and this. As to that. How to transfer money I too about
it thought my lovely. I went to bank to find out, how it can be made. Lovely I, you was
necessary to hear about the Western Union. So as to me have advised to take advantage in
bank of services of bank of the Western Union. It appears to be made very easily. My data
will be necessary for this purpose for you, for whose name you can send money and when you
will send money. That you should give me the data on which you have sent money and also
mtsn a code which to you will give by transfer of money. My data on which you can send
money my lovely.

Country Russia.
City of Ulyanovsks.
Belousova Oksana.

My dear, favourite, on this place I shall finish the letter, and with big impatience I
shall wait from you for the answer. Well, I shall wait very much from you for the answer
my darling, yours Oksana.

(passport scan included. Another copy of one of the TWO I have for her! )

October 12

My loved, most good and best person!!!

I write you the letter my lovely and it I hope will warm your heart, and my photos, will
please your lovely eyes which I shall send you. As though you knew the sun, that I very
much on you miss and am very strong you I like. My loved boy why so the destiny is severe,
arrived with me and with you including. I suffer that can not be now with you. That I love
you, and this love is meek. Speak, that it is necessary to struggle and achieve the
happiness for love, I with it completely agree, but when already struggle for love very
long, simply there are no forces to go further, to struggle further, to go forward. It is
now difficult for me without you, simply my heart has stopped. You know, the SUN, and I
think, that you will be mine and only mine. Now I began more good-natured, due to this
case. I of you very much, very strongly like. Only you one are necessary for me in this
life. I remember each day, and each conversation, simply such to overlook it is
impossible! I like, whole.

Lovely mine, on it I shall finish the letter though I very much do not want it, but it is
time me home my lovely, but I do not want to leave. Because being here, I feel your
presence. Lovely mine, I shall wait from you for your letter my lovely. Lovely mine, I so
on you miss.

Yours Oksana.

October 15

Hello my beloved XXXX I am very glad to your letter with which me has very much pleased. At me all is good, I
have wonderfully carried out the days off, simply enjoying rest of a house, watching TV
and listening to music. And has now come in Internet - cafe to write to you the letter and
to share the mood, because it at me excellent. I hope, as at you too all wonderfully my
By the way, you imagine. At us the first snow today has dropped out, not so it is a lot of
certainly, but nevertheless has dropped out. Has quickly put on and has left
on street to feel it. As has left on street, has cast away a head slightly back and
enjoyed that as snow is silent to lie down on my person and thaws. It was so pleasantly.
But then it was finished. But it means, that winter already absolutely beside and is soon
all completely will become covered by snow.
And how at you affairs with weather my lovely are???
Lovely mine XXX, I shall execute your desire that you did not worry, I shall write your
name on a paper, I shall make a photo and I shall send you, Ok???
Though I today more than once about you thought my lovely. I grieve without you, and it is
very difficult for me to be without you. Ideas, that you - there and I - here force me to
feel a pain. You - my life now, and you know it. I want to study your deep eyes, full
emotions to touch you, to kiss you. I know, that all will be at us, and we shall be happy
together. I frequently imagine our remarkable life together. I can feel you even on such
big distance which we have between the friend the friend. But I want to remove this
distance. I so want to be with you.
Lovely my, precious for my heart, on it I shall finish the letter and with the big
impatience I shall wait from you for your letters. Which deliver to me huge pleasure my
lovely. I love you. Yours Oksana.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006, new email address for Oksana Belousova

The scammers using the persona 'Oksana Belousova' are now using the email address

Never send money to somebody you only know from email, or chat!

Western Union and Moneygram are the favored modes of collecting money by scammers. Don't use them!

There are many 'Russian' romance scammers on chat, and dating sites. You are not in touch with the pretty person in the pictures! Do NOT send money!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Elena has been run over by a car!!!

Oh, my lovely Lenochka! I'm so sorry! Russia is very dangerous for attractive girls, many are run over by cars!
I wish you a speedy recovery, but you sound pretty banged up, and may not be as attractive as you once were! I may not be interested in you any more.........

Hello, my fine!!!
Excuse, that I so for a long time did not write to you. How you?
At you all is good? As I on you have become bored{have missed}! So it is
a pity to me, that I had no opportunity with you to communicate in connection
with developed circumstances.
I had a misfortune - on Saturday on June, 10 I was brought down with
the car when I passed road. That day I was depressed, because have sworn with
the fellow worker, my close girlfriend as it usually happens, because of
nonsense. Probably, it has affected that I have not paid attention on turning
on a crossroads with considerable speed the machine. Impact was came to me to
the right side and rather strong so I even have flown away meter on 3. The
driver appeared the rights in this situation, and I had to pay still then the
penalty for infringement of rules of traffic.
I had the brain concussion, the closed crisis of an anklebone, is
torn and removed during operation a spleen, a dislocation of a hip, there were
bruises, stretchings and grazes. Lovely, you do not imagine to yourself, what
pain to me should be transferred, as at me the head and strongly a pain
bruises and places of crises broke up. After the transferred shock I could
not speak the first day at all! After the transferred operations to me have
advised to not move and eat more with albuminous food, vitamins and
preparations of calcium. To me have registered to drink expensive{dear}
strengthening tablets "Sinakten", anesthetizing tablets "Naklof" and pricked
any injections for improvement of blood circulation. I had to lie hardly more
than 2 weeks, it is good what not half-year.
Recently I go with crutches, a little lame on the right leg{foot},
but I think, I shall gradually come to myself, both physically, and morally.
I sit now in Internet - cafe, near to hospital where me have put. Near to me
\nnow there is my mum, she{it} all these days looked after me. To me have\nallowed under the responsibility and supervision of my mum to descend{go} to\nsend you this letter in the Internet - cafe, it is approximately in 300 meters\nfrom hospital chamber, in Volodarsky\'s same street. I had to pay in total\nthe big sum for the transferred operations, necessary procedures, inspections,\npurchase of good medicines and services of the private{individual}\npsychologist. For this purpose I even have borrowed{occupied} money from\nrelatives through mum. Dear, I will need on Saturday of 9000 roubles, it\nabout 350 dollars, on operation with installation of device Ilizarova.\nYou in a condition to help me with the financial plan? So it is a shame\nto me to ask you about the help, but I should do{make} it, differently I\ncan remain the cripple for ever.\nI shall give you the address of bank on which you can make translation\nthrough system the Western Union:\nAlpha-Bank,\nMurmansk branch,\nstreet Papanina, 3/1,\nMurmansk, 138038,\nRussia.\nElena Solovyova.\n And please, inform me when you will make the translation, ten\nnumbers which should give you on the Western Union (MTCN). Also send on my\nbox the data: the address, a name, a surname which you inform the worker of\nthe Western Union, it to tell in bank from whom I receive money.\n I shall be grateful, if you will help to me. It will be noble and\ntactful from your party{side}. I am sure, that it is possible to rely on you.\n As it is a pity, that much in this world much depends on money, from these\n pieces of paper.\n I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Please, hurry till\n Saturday, road. I love you, do not forget me. Answer me as soon as possible.\n Yours Lenochka.\n\n\n\n\n\n",0]

now there is my mum, she{it} all these days looked after me. To me have
allowed under the responsibility and supervision of my mum to descend{go} to
send you this letter in the Internet - cafe, it is approximately in 300 meters
from hospital chamber, in Volodarsky's same street. I had to pay in total
the big sum for the transferred operations, necessary procedures, inspections,
purchase of good medicines and services of the private{individual}
psychologist. For this purpose I even have borrowed{occupied} money from
relatives through mum. Dear, I will need on Saturday of 9000 roubles, it
about 350 dollars, on operation with installation of device Ilizarova.
You in a condition to help me with the financial plan? So it is a shame
to me to ask you about the help, but I should do{make} it, differently I
can remain the cripple for ever.
I shall give you the address of bank on which you can make translation
through system the Western Union:
Murmansk branch,
street Papanina, 3/1,
Murmansk, 138038,
Elena Solovyova.
And please, inform me when you will make the translation, ten
numbers which should give you on the Western Union (MTCN). Also send on my
box the data: the address, a name, a surname which you inform the worker of
the Western Union, it to tell in bank from whom I receive money.
I shall be grateful, if you will help to me. It will be noble and
tactful from your party{side}. I am sure, that it is possible to rely on you.
As it is a pity, that much in this world much depends on money, from these
pieces of paper.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Please, hurry till
Saturday, road. I love you, do not forget me. Answer me as soon as possible.
Yours Lenochka.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nadia Popova, X3 on!

Nadejda 'Nadia' Popova has so much love to give, she needs THREE separate profiles at, each with different ages, but all featuring pictures of the same lady! is one of the more SCAMMER infested dating sites on the internet!

Here are the three member profiles 'Nadia' has on, as of this writing.

popovanadya59 Location: Balashov Russian Federation
I am a: 46 year old woman seeking: man between the ages of 46 and 60 for a long-term relationship
Height: 165 cm
Drinker: no
Hair Color: blond
Smoker: no
Eye Color: blue
Education: college/university
Figure: athletic
Marital Status: widowed
Fitness: regularly
Have Children: yes, not living with me
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Want Children: undecided
Religion: Christian/Catholic
I like: I like to be in the center of the company and always to like mine the man!
I dislike: I do not love malicious and bad men! About me and who I would like to meet: I have been married at once and already for a long time ago, and I feel that now there has come time to find unique and last man in my life.

Location: Balashov Russian Federation
I am a: 45 year old woman seeking: man between the ages of 50 and 50 for a long-term relationship
Height: 171 cm
Drinker: no
Hair Color: red/auburn
Smoker: no
Eye Color: brown
Education: secondary/high school
Figure: athletic
Marital Status: widowed
Fitness: regularly
Have Children: yes, not living with me
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Want Children: undecided
Religion: Christian/Catholic
I like: The true friends and rest with them on the nature.
I dislike: Mean and dishonest men! About me and who I would like to meet: I have been married at once and already for a long time ago, and I feel that now there has come time to find unique and last man in my life.

Location: Znamenski Russian Federation
I am a: 49 year old woman seeking: man between the ages of 45 and 55 for a long-term relationship
Height: 176 cm
Drinker: socially/occasionaly
Hair Color: blond
Smoker: no Eye Color: blue
Education: secondary/high school
Figure: athletic
Marital Status: widowed
Fitness: occasionally
Have Children: yes, not living with me
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Want Children: undecided
Religion: Christian/Catholic
I like: The truth and fidelity for me are very important!!!
I dislike: Lie and treachery!!!
About me and who I would like to meet: I the beautiful gallant clever woman which am very lonely!! I am not any woman for 1 night!!! I am serious and romantic and very kind!!

Full story, of the truthful, and faithful Nadia, whatever age she is, where ever she may be, or who she may

Nice resource for filtering out some scum! maintains a database of scammers BANNED from the various dating sites they operate, or provide services for.
It's a nice place to start when checking out the strangely young and pretty RUSSIAN girl who is emailing you!

Raupova Tatyana Vasilyevna, Ozerki,

Tatyana claims to be a Doctor, although I suspect she 'plays' a teacher, also, in other scripts.
Here's her intro letter:

Hi, my new friend!Friendly speaking I feel a bit confused, because I have never wrotethe man through the internet and I even don't know what to startwith... Well, I will start from the very beginning. My name is Tatyanaand I live in a small Russian village which is called Ozerki. this isa very nice place especially in summer and there are a lot of goodpeople here. I was born on the 14th of february, 1980, this is St.Valentine's day as fas as I remember, what a luck you can think, butthis date doesn't bring me much happiness (who would ever guess!!!)I am 26 years old, and I think that this is very nice age to start newlife! I work in hospital, and I am a children doctor by profession. Ilove children and this is very pleasant to deal with them. My work israther interesting, but it is not easy, because very often I amresponsible for a kid's life and this is hard to be responsible forsuch a seriouse matter! but I am in my place and I think that I wouldnever change my work even if I was offered a million dollars! and whatis about you? tell me what you are and what are your ambitions inlife!I live together with my Mother, my Father died when I was 15.he was crossing the street at the criss-cross, but unfortunately the driverwas drunk and he didn't notice my Dad... and it so happened that Ilost my wonderful Dad, whom I loved immensely... it was a hard timefor my and Mum but we were together and overcame everything. Rightafter finishing school I entered the medical University, which waslocated in the nearest city (I didn't want to leave Mum alone) andafter graduating from it ( I am not showing off, but I am proud totell you that I graduated with honous!) I came back to Ozerki and wasoffered a vacancy in our Hospital. I agreed without thinking it over,because I thought that this is my vocation and I was not mistaken,because i never felt pity about my choice since.No much changed from that time, but one day I realised that I am tiredof life here, tired of being alone and tired of the same faces. andone when i was walking home after the night in the hospital, I saw theadvertisment of the dating agency. we have never had such before anddecided to try, I did some photos and wrote some words about me andbrought them to the agency. They asked me some questions and here I amwriting you my first letter! I don't know what it will lead me to, butat the moment I feel very interested in you! please, write me moreabout yourself and don't forget to send me your photo! I will lookforward to your answer and will come here tomorrow again!with my best regards,Tatyana.

More pictures at:

Full story at:

Olesya, Kazan

Olesya appears to be another product of the 'Orphan' Group. She's using a satellite internet connection, and sending out pretty typical 'script' letters.
Here's her 'intro' letter:

Hello POTENTIAL VICTIM!!! I would like to write you reply and I hope that it my letter will not without yourreplying. I hope that soon you can write to me the answer because I have really interested in you. Ialready wrote to you that I live in city Kazan ' which am located in the center Russia approximatelyin 1000 kilometers from Moscow. It is very beautiful city. Why I have come to internet for findsoulmate for myself? It was not absolutely my decision because I have one girlfriend which now toocorresponds with the man from your country and she has told me that men from your country appreciatewomen than Russian mans more. I do not want to have the Russian husband because then I will beexpected with bad destiny. I shall think only of that how to provide the family because in Russiathe salary even having education of university is impossible to have good life. I have education ofuniversity in a trade marketing and advertising, but unique work that I could find it the seller insmall shop. I do not want to tell that I do not like my country, but it not seems to me that here Ireally can have good life for myself and my future children. Besides I had some bad experience ofrelations with Russian men. I think in the Internet I can I shall find the man of my dream withwhich is happy to create family. I am 30, my birthday is 21th, June. I have long light brown hairand blue-grey yes, but I hope you will see more about my appearance on my photo that I have send youwith it letter. Are you like it my photo? Please write me about it in your reply. I also want tolearn more about you, your country, your work? I want to know how you live, please send me photo ofyou, may be of your home and may be some else photo. I would like to see it. What still to tell you about itself? I very much like to dance and read interesting books. My likedgenre of books are adventures, sometimes I even like to read children books. I like to listen pop orclassical music depending on mine mood. I was never married and I have no any children. All myfamily is only my mum who now lives in Zelenodolsk. It is approximately in 40 kilometers fromKazan'. I frequently visit her. I rent an apartment and unfortunately I have no here the phone butif you want to speak with me, you may send me your phone number and I shall try to call to you froma telephone exchange. If you are interested about me with something specially you may ask me aboutit in your following letter and I shall try to answer all your questions. I hope that the bigdistance between us will not prevent us to start to build our relations, by the way if you want youmay name Lesya. So I am named by all my girlfriends. By the way which I send a photo to you mygirlfriend made. I shall try to tell to you little bit more about my work one of the followingletters. (I hope it not last my letter to you and this beginning of long relations between us). Iwith impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. Your new girlfriend Olesya or Lesya if youwant.

Pictures at:

Full story at:

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Elena Novosolova, Elenka81, resurfaces with a new profession, and city!

Sometimes it's nice to run into an old friend, sometimes, not so nice!
Here's Elena, with a new email address, a new profession, (she transformed from school teacher, to Doctor in a few months) and a new claimed city!
She's a part of the 'Orphan Group', which gives us many more scammer 'personas'.
I'm not sure the girl in the pictures is actively invloved in the scamming, paid for posing for scammer pictures, or if these particular photos were stolen from somewhere for use by these scumbags. Doesn't matter! If you are in contact with somebody using these pictures, don't send any money!


Formerly using Mari El Dialup, then an Internet Satellite service, the 'Orphan Group' is now doing some strange stuff to obscure the origins of the emails, which are actually emanating from the Mari El Republic.

Here's the new intro letter Elena sends out.....

Hello POTENTIAL VICTIM. I Too wanted and to correspond further with you and I send to you a photo, Which I have made more recently. I very much would want closer To get acquainted with you and with each letter to learn something new about you. And now I shall tell about myself. My name is Elena, I was born June, 7, 1981. in the city of Ulyanovsk where I live to this day. I live in Russia, I never was outside Russia, but always dreamed to travel. It seems to me romantically To visit other countries, to study culture and customs. Our city It is located on coast of the rivers Volgas and Sviyaga, in 892 kms to the east from Moscow. If it will be interesting to you, in the following letters I am more detailed I shall tell about the city. From the childhood I dreamed to become the doctor, I wanted to be of use for people, I have finished medical school, now I work in a children's polyclinic. My the work - pediatrist. I live with mum and the grandmother, the father at me is not present. I have hobby: I 6 years am engaged in equestrian sport and all The days off I spend on a hippodrome. I would like you to ask what attitudes you search on the Internet? I have decided I shall search for myself the man with which is happy. I think that I never will manage to find such person in Russia. If you were not in Russia to me it would be interesting to learn that you know and that you think of my country. I never was in your country, but saw much TV show about your country and she seems to me very interesting and beautiful. I think that there can be even once I shall decide to visit your fine country. Whether write to me please you thought of visiting my country? It would be very interesting to me to learn it. I very much like to have a rest with friends somewhere on To the nature. At us very beautiful nature: it is a lot of woods, lakes and Volga- Very big and beautiful river. And what you like? Than you are fond? Where you work? To me very much Interestingly! Sometimes so it would be desirable to live one emotions, not expecting something, not calling in question, and completely trusting not to reason, and the feelings. And who has told, what is necessary to live reasonably? It is necessary to live happily! But in fact the happiness without feelings does not happen. And the reason seldom gives to us a condition of happiness. In the world it is so much reasons, that all life to count itself unfortunate, and so, apparently, it is not enough to be happy. I think, with each letter we shall learn each other Better and better. Write to me, please, and I shall necessarily answer. The computer at my place is not present, but is on work and I write from here. With impatience I shall look forward to hearing. With best regards Elena.

Saturday, June 10, 2006 The romance continues!

Wow, I've been in contact with 'Elena, Lena, Lenochka' for over 6 months, off an on! The 'romance' has taken some twists and turns, but still stumbles on!

The pictures of are some model of some sort, who is a real hottie!

Whoever you are, I love you!

Let me make an honest woman out of you, or you can make an honest man of me! I'm not picky!!!!

Currently she's claiming to come visit me on her own money, but, I'm sure some emergency will arise that will require me to bail her out, en route!

Pack those boots and fishnets, Lenochka!

Scammer group identified!

This is a group we've been calling the 'Orphan Group', due to 2 of the first two 'girls' determined to be part of it, claimed to be 'orphans', and a third claimed to work with orphans.
New 'girls' are turning up with links to this group, and I expect they'll just keep on coming.
This group is using various Satellite ISP's in Sweden, Germany, Iran, Cyprus, and Lebanon.
The money must be good, this stuff isn't cheap!
So far the members of this groups, or at least the 'personas' they use, are:

More information on this group will be published as it is uncovered at:

Irina Domracheva, SCAMMER!

Here's 'Irina', cute enough, typical 'scammer' script!
"Hello!" "I love you!" "Send me money I come to you!"
Follow her antics at :

Friday, April 21, 2006

Can I send her to the 'bank' a third time?

This is Elena, who claims to be in Murmansk, but really is in Mari El! The pictures 'she' sends are of some lovely model, and are not of the person writing the steamy letters! I've given her two fake Western Union money transfer numbers so far, and am trying for a third. This means, 'somebody', has to go to a local bank, and attempt to claim the money. Usually, the scammers use a local prostitute, or female cohort to do this, using minimal fake ID.
'Elena' has made the trip twice, but has come away empty handed!
Can I make her go again?
Stay tuned!

Note:Sending 'false' money transfer numbers is just one method of harrassing known scammers. It takes some effort to go to try to collect the money, plus, they can't show up too often, or they'll raise suspicions! Posting information on them on the internet is another means to expose them, and possibly warn a potential victim.

Follow along at:

Elenka81, Suspected Scammer

This is Elena, who uses the email
She was active on several dating sites. The information we have is from her contact with one potential victim.
She appears to be another product of the same people that bring us Oksana Belousova, Marina Perminova, Gulnur, Almaz, and probably more, once we can identify them.
IP in the early emails pointed to Mari El. Her latest letter indicates she has switched to the same satellite internet service 'Oksana and friends' are using. That, and a similarity in letters, leads us to believe she's just another 'persona' of this group.
If you have any information on this 'lady', please report it! VICTIM reports for this group are scarce! Prosecution is unlikely, but not impossible!

Never send money to these ladies!
The story may be 'sweet', but the ending won't be happy!


More info at:

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tanya Sosnina, new face?

Tanya seems to be a product of the same group that gives us Oksana Belousova, Marina Perminova, Gulnur, and 'Almaz, the Agent'.
IP, and version of 'The Bat!' are the same.
She is also using the German/Iran satellite internet provider.
We're early into collecting letters and pictures of 'Tanya', but she needs to be posted, to warn potential victims.
Tanya Sosnina
Birthdate: April 15
The BAT! Version: 1.62r
IP: (Satellite Internet service)

Follow the letters at:

Be careful on internet dating and chat sites! These 'women' are everywhere! You are NOT writing the pretty girl in the pictures, but a criminal in Mari El!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gulnur Ahmatgalieva

This is one that has surfaced, recently, and appears to be a product of the same group that brings us Oksana Belousova.
'She' has been successful in defrauding at least one victim, and more may surface.

She uses 'Almaz', the 'Agent', to collect fees for travel, visas, and other expenses.
Never send money to these women, whatever the story is!

CITY: Perm

More info:

Monday, April 17, 2006

Are the girls in the pictures the actual scammer?

Usually not! The pictures of the pretty girls are just a tool used by criminals to steal money! Rarely is the girl involved in any way.
Sometimes the pictures are stolen from the internet, and may be of models, or TV and movie stars. (In Russia)
Sometimes, local girls are paid a little money to pose for sets of pictures. Less frequently, the girl is associated with the scammers, or the actual scammer.
It's difficult to detach the pretty face and name from the scam, particularily when talking about it. I know 'Natasha' may not be involved, but, there's not a more convenient method to describe the scam attempt.
Just remember, you are most likely NOT in communication with the girl, and will never meet the girl!
'She' is not looking for marriage, or love with somebody she met on the internet.
'She' just wants money!

This BLOG will be contributed to by several BAITERS....

The blog creator, Stepan, is busy with other projects. He feels it's important to publish this information on the internet, so is allowing other 'baiters' access to publish on this blog.
Moose N. Squirrel has taken over as ADMIN of the blog, and the connected bulletin board.
Stepan, will still be active, but in a limited capacity.
(The rumours of his impending marriage to a Russian girl are unfounded.....)

Marina Perminova

Marina Perminova is another product of the same people who bring us 'Oksana Belousova'.

She's prominent on many dating sites, as 'Marina123'.
Do not send this lady money, or her 'agent', ALMAZ.
You will never meet her!

More info:

Russian Romance scammers plague internet dating, and chat sites! Be careful! NEVER SEND MONEY!

Almaz Gabdullin, SCAMMER!

This is the faked, internal Passport of 'Almaz Gabdullin'. Almaz poses as a 'travel and visa' agent for several girls, including Oksana Belousova, Marina Perminova, and Gulnur. (More suspected!)
All of these identities are the product of scammers, and it's suspected it's one, scammer group.
VICTIMS will be directed to contact 'Almaz' to arrange for payments of Travel, and VISA fees for the potential bride. The money is sent via Western Union, and the girl never arrives to meet her suitor.
If the victim seems willing to part with some money, other 'emergencies' may befall the lady, and payments for medical expenses, fines, or bribes, may be requested.
You are not dealing with the girl in the pictures, and/or, she has NO intention of meeting you!
ALMAZ uses the following email addresses:
IF you have sent money to this man, there is little chance of prosecution, or getting any of your money back. It is important that you report this crime!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Oksana with a 'sign' picture!

Oksana Belousova, RUSSIAN ROMANCE SCAMMER, (and my 'project of the month') has produced a 'sign' picture, to prove her love for 'John Hart'.
Of course, she is also asking him to send her thousands of dollars, so she can fly to meet him, and marry him, or sleep with him, or.......whatever a 'victim' wants to think will happen when he sends money to one of these scammers!

Oksana has never seen a picture of 'John', and he has barely written a few paragraphs to her, but, greed is a powerful thing, and the smell of money has 'Oksana' saying anything to get it.
'Oksana' can't help it. She's just a loving person. At the moment, she's probably writing love letters to many men. She's just that kind of girl.....

Full story at:

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another 'Oksana' Passport

This was just sent to me, and was used in a recent scam attempt by Oksana Belousova.
Other than the PICTURE, it's the exact, same, FAKE passport she has used earlier.

Never accept a passport scan as 'proof' you are dealing with a REAL person!

SCAMMERS frequently offer 'fake' passports, and VISAS as proof they are legit.

It only proves they have PHOTOSHOP skills!


More info, older passport, at:

Poor orphan girl has a satellite dish!

April is 'Starve Oksana' month, and I'm doing all I can to publish as much information on this 'cyber bimbo' during this month, as possible.
Oksana, who claims to work as 'the Waiter', and grew up in an orphanage, recently switched her method of sending out her SCAM letters from Mari El Dialup, to a German satellite service!

The tips at 'The Restaurant' must be pretty good, Oksana!!

Here is the info from her email headers:

IP address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified] ASN: 33944 ASN Name: FOKUS-SATCOM (Fraunhofer FOKUS CC SatCom)
IP range connectivity: 1 Registrar (per ASN):
RIPE Country (per IP registrar): DE [Germany] Country Currency: EUR [euros]
Country IP Range: to Country fraud profile: Normal
City (per outside source): Tehran, Tehran Private (internal) IP? No IP address registrar: Known Proxy? No

Send Oksana a love letter today, at:

I KNOW she'll write you back!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sometimes Oksana gets right to the point......

When I first started writing 'Oksana', she was capable of boring you to death with her letters!

I was near insanity after 4 weeks or her dribble!

She seems to be in a hurry, now, and closes in for the kill much quicker.

Here she professes 'love' for an unseen man by the second letter, who doesn't write for over 2 months, then in her third letter, she must meet him!

Is this woman worth $500???

This is 'Elena', who claims to be in Murmansk.
She is one hot mama, and I would gladly spend every penny I had on her if she were 'real', and really in love with me, and within 10 feet of me!!!!

The problem is, the pictures are of some 'real' model, but not the person who is writing the letters.
Of course, if I send 'her' $500, nobody is coming to visit me.......this girl, or anybody else.

APRIL 4 Hello my future husband XXXX!!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. Your letters warm my soul. Loved you can help me with money. If you can that send please money through the Western union. 500 dollars are necessary to me that I could arrive to you. I think that you too want me to see? I shall wait from you the letter. Yours Lena.

Full 'romance' at:

Oksana Belousova writes of her PASSION for Elmer Fudd!

This letter is a week or so old, but she sent the 'cheesecake' picture to 'Elmer' yesterday, when she asked him for money.
Yes, the language is strange.......

March 25 Hello my lovely Elmer. Today such good and pleasant day my lovely.
At night I have woken up that someone has touched me. I have opened eyes and
before me there was you. I do not know it now was dream or a reality. But like
it dream if it was in a reality where you have got to in the morning. But it
seemed to me, as if I do not sleep and to me occur actually. It was very
pleasant for me to feel your presence with me in my dreams. Pleasantly and
desiredly. It seemed to me. That I already at you and you stand near to a bed
where I slept. You have sat down on edge of a bed and have carried out the
gentle hands on my person. And from these gentle a touch I have woken up. Has
sat down on a bed and looked in you in eyes, and you looked in mine. In depth of
the soul, I understood that it is dream, but sometimes I was visited with an
idea, and it may not dream and I do not sleep. And may I sleep. You not ceasing
ironed my hands, my person, I answered it reciprocity, smiling in the answer to
your gentle touches. For certain I understood, that it was simply dream of which
I did not want to wake up, I wanted that it last eternally. To feel your
presence near to yourself and that you always were a number both in dream and in
a reality. You spoke me gentle and beautiful words from which my heart was
inspired and wanted to escape from a breast and to flit in the sky, enjoying
happiness. You made it so gently and so pleasantly. Ironed my ears from which on
my body there passed a pleasant wave of tenderness and pleasure. Fingered my
hair, ironed them. Then you were slowly pulled to me and have kissed me. From
gentle a touch of your lips to mine, I tested such pleasure. We kissed, we
kissed long, I would not like, that it did not come to an end never. Then, you
have gently pushed away me and have spoken to me, " - are fast, I shall kiss you
on the present. " These words till now in my head. I do not know, whether there
was it any prediction or it was simply dream. But it was. These words let know
to me that we necessarily shall meet also to this will not prevent what
hurricane, a tsunami or any other natural phenomenon. And not who will not stop
me, neither who and not that in this world. Nor who. My lovely Elmer. and after
that you as though have evaporated. I have opened eyes, yes I have woken up. Has
woken up already on the present. Also has understood, that I simply slept also
to me the dream similar to a reality dreamed. But words which you to me have
spoken, till now in my head my lovely, till now. When I have looked for a while,
was already 15 minutes to 11. with this dream have passed so much time, that I
even was surprised, that I so long slept, and dream was such small, but such
pleasant. Lovely mine you always in my ideas and in my heart, always. But I
would not like to wake up, I would like to close eyes once again and to present
it once again. But I have risen, have had a meal and have gone to Internet -
cafe as I knew, I felt, that you have written to me and I ran, I flied more soon
to answer your letter my lovely, more soon.... Telling about the today's dream
my lovely Elmer, I at all have not asked as you, that you feel, how your health,
as your relatives and relatives. I hope at you everything is all right, all is
good. at me too all well my lovely, even weather of me very much pleases, it
today warm, even the sun shines. Lovely mine, on it I shall finish the small
letter and with the big impatience I shall wait from you for your letter which
to me will bring pleasure my lovely. I very much on you miss my dear and I wait
that this dream has happened in a reality. I shall wait from you for your
letter, yours Oksana.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oksana Belousova writes love letters to Elmer Fudd

This is part of our concerted effort to slow down one RUSSIAN ROMANCE SCAMMER, and maybe put her out of business, or at least cost her a few paychecks.
Here, we have a report from ELMER FUDD, who presents the love letters OKSANA BELOUSOVA is sending him.
Please, never send money to this lady!!!!!
She enjoys writing men, I'm sure she'd like to hear from you at:

Never send money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another OKSANA BELOUSOVA romance!

Here's another series of letters from a potential victim. Sylvester contacted OKSANA after she had attempted to victimize a friend. There is some strong language in the letters, but she still 'loves' him.

Do not send this woman money! You will never meet her!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Alex, and OKSANA BELOUSOVA, the LOVE story!

This is kind of fun, since you can see the COMPLETE record of all communication between a 'scambaiter', known as 'Alex', and a SCAMMER, Oksana Belousova.
While she has NO idea how old 'Alex' is, or what he looks like, she sends him many pictures, and 'falls in love'!
This 'scambait' is noteworthy, since it presents the first passport image from Oksana I've seen, as well as her 'money letter', where she asks for money to be sent to a THIRD party, 'fake' travel agent.
This woman/man/whatever is scum. She/he/it is virtually a scamming robot.

I now suspect the woman in the pictures is involved in the criminal activity. She has recently sent out a picture with her pointing to a '2006' calendar.

She is on MANY internet dating sites!

If you see a picture of this lady, you are dealing with a SCAMMER!

Complete story at:

Oksana Belousova Photo Gallery at:

Friday, March 17, 2006

Why are these women holding signs?

The 'sign' pictures are an attempt to verify that the woman writing the romance scam letters, is the same person in the pictures they send. Usually they are digitally edited to change the name on the sign, for each new victim, change the face of the lady holding the sign, or add a sign to a picture that didn't have one! They are RARELY 'real' and unedited!
The 'sign' pictures are sometimes sent at the request of the victim, but also may be sent without asking by the scammer, in an effort to prove they are 'real', or in 'love'.
To me, they're an interesting trophy, and not much else. If you do get an unedited 'sign' photo, it is safe to assume that the woman in the picture is involved in scamming.

More 'sign' pictures from my collection at:

Saturday, March 04, 2006

TWO Internet DATING Sites that are crawling with SCAMMERS!

A majority of the 'women' scammers I have worked CONTACTED ME on one of these two dating sites.
Both are crawling with SCAMMERS, both Russian, and Nigerian. Please note, I did not contact these women directly. In all cases, I set up a middle-aged 'male' profile, and sat back. Within 24 hours, they were contacting ME on the internal email system.
NOTE:There are some 'legitmate' people on these sites, BUT, due to the massive amounts of SCAMMERS you will have to wade through to get to them, I would advise keeping away from these two dating sites.

What should make me suspicious of somebody who contacts me on a dating site?

ALWAYS CHECK THE PROFILE OF THE PERSON ON THE DATING SITE! Frequently, the details will change after they contact you...age, location, PICTURE, name, occupation, ANYTHING!
Be suspicious if they list a US address on the profile, and then tell you they are in another country in an email.
The PROFILE has a thumbnail of a pretty,buxom, blue eyed, blonde. The pictures they send are of a redhead with brown eyes, who is pretty, but could use a meal!
The 'Lawyer' in the profile is now a 'food service worker' in the emails.
The NIGERIAN scammers also have trouble getting the physical descriptions 'right'. Sometimes you'll see a 6'0" Girl who weighs 80 pounds in the profile!
The NIGERIANS will frequently claim to be a US citizen, working somewhere else.
FREQUENTLY, they will use a picture of a pretty girl, claim to be a MODEL working in some AFRICAN company, and they magically, are 'stranded' and need help, (and money!)
(Stories range from 'passport stolen, man trying to rape me, can't pay hotel bill, lost airline ticket, brought her for job and they skipped out without paying me....' and on, and on.....

Be smart, use your head on ANY dating site. Do not give out damaging personal information, or send money or gifts to ANYONE you have not met!

"That girl looks like the girl I'm writing but has a different name!"

Yes, they can have MANY names! The girl in the picture on the left has used over 40, (or more!) and counting. The 'names' are temporary. The sets of pictures, and letters, seem to stick around a little longer.
When you begin to suspect the RUSSIAN girl you are writing to be a scammer, doing a search for her name, alone, on GOOGLE is not enough!
Many of the names they use are common names. You may not find anything easily, or the name is 'fresh', or not reported, yet. Do a quick search of the name, then the email address, strange phrases in the letter, addresses, and THEN check the SCAMMER site gallerys for a picture of your 'sweetie'.
It's common for me to hear from 'slightly suspicious victims' in the making, something like, "Yes, that's a picture of my OLGA, but maybe they stole it and are using it. I could be writing to the REAL Olga, who is not a scammer, and really loves me, and wants a fat 54 year old man for a lover and husband. I know she really loves me...."
It's up to you. The clues are there. Some people won't accept they have been scammed, even after they've sent thousands of dollars to a girl they've yet to see, or even get a phone call from.
It's OK to be suckered by these ladies a little. They make money at it. If you happen to 'wake up' in time, you can save yourself some money, and some heartache.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Julia, Diana, and more names....another SATELLITE Scammer!

This is one I worked at the end of last year, briefly, and into a few days, this year. I lost interest when I found sufficient data on the 'net that established this 'face' with scamming activity.
I just happened to look at the old emails, and discovered the emails were sent via a Satellite Internet Service Provider in Germany.


(Didn't think to check earlier.)

More information at:

Katya Samigullina, Kazan Suspected HIGH TECH SCAMMER

This one threw me for a loop at first! She appears to be using a satellite internet service, which hides her actual IP.
Her letters contain some obvious scammer traits, as well as direct
sentences from other scammer letters.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Why should I report being SCAMMED?

If you've been scammed by one of these 'ladies', it's not likely they will be prosecuted, or you will get your money back!
You can slow them down, or prevent somebody else by being victimized, by REPORTING this 'lady' to the various SCAM sites!
The more information on your 'lady' there is on the internet, the more likely it is a potential victim can find it, if they think to look!
Yes, they frequently change names, email addresses, letters, and pictures, but your information may help someone, and keep the scammers 'scrambling'!
I like to think I'm personally depriving them of a few paychecks!
If you've been scammed, you may be embarassed. I understand that. Please publish your information, anyway. Usually, you don't need to display any 'personal' details.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Masha, Sverdlovsk (Scam in Progress)

Here's another one who contacted me on a large dating site.

Birthday:February, 23 1977
Mari El... (From her Email header, below)
Received: from philka5 ( [])

Letters at:

Sunday, February 19, 2006

How much money can I lose to these scammers?

How much do you have?

The typical 'Russian Romance' scam will involve an initial request for a sum to cover an airline ticket to your destination, visa and permit expenses, and maybe money for a medical examination. Generally the intial amount will be somewhere around $1000-1500, and they'll want you to send it via WESTERN UNION, a favorite method of scammers, worldwide!
Assuming you send the initial amount, and seem willing to part with more, many catastrophes may befall the 'lady' on her way to the airport. She may have an 'accident' on the way to the airport, and need medical expenses. Her luggage and passport my be stolen, and she needs money to replace them.
A parent may be in critical condition in a hospital, and they need a little more money for the 'life saving' procedure or operation.
There are endless 'emergencies' that can be used, and if you're willing to help with expenses, you may be asked to finance a series of them.
How much do you need to throw away before you become suspicious? It's up to you!
Sometimes, 'quick and dirty' scammers will make a rapid 'seduction' and scam for a 'modest' amount, maybe $300 to $500.
I've seen reports of men being repeatedly scammed by the same 'lady', and eventually sending various amounts of money, totalling $5-10,000!
By the way, they never 'met' the lady! You will never meet her, either!
OTHER scams involve you paying for 'translation' or 'agency' fees. Essentially, you're paying hansomely to get some pre-packaged emails and pictures of a pretty girl.
You may be steered toward some other type of 'scam', after intitially being contacted in a 'romance' mode. Nigerian 419 scammers do this, prowling internet dating sites for victims. After a few romantic letters, you could be scammed for travel expenses, or steered into some other fraudulent activity.
Remember, these are criminals you are dealing with. They don't care about you.
They just want your money!

Alena,Zvenigovo, Suspected Romance Scammer, Scam in Progess!

Here's a 'fresh' one, who contacted me on a large internet dating site, that is crawling with scammers!
Why do I suspect she's not for 'real'?

I have ONLY been contacted by scammers on that dating site!

She claims she's in Zvenigovo, her email was sent from the Mari El Republic.

In her letter, she claims she is a 'blonde'. Yes, the picture may be old, or her hair dyed. This is not damning in itself, but is just a little 'tidbit'.

Her second letter letter includes the 'trademark' sentiment,
'Russian men no good, drink, beat women, etc.'

"My dear, I was disappointed in Russian men. Russian the man does not respect the woman.In Russian family the husband frequently offends the woman physically and morally.I wanted to find to myself the husband in Russia, but I could not find any decent person.My dear the majority of men in our country needs to be drunk alcoholic drinks and beat women,it is a lot of men to get drunk after work and when they to come home drunk they vent the rage on the wife."

In her second letter, she is talking about creating a family with me, a person who had emailed her a few hundred words, and she has NEVER seen a single picture of!

This is a typical 'scammer' attempt, and she should be 'in love' and willing to travel to meet me within 4-5 more emails. Stay tuned!

Letters at:

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why I do this?

I can't remember now exactly how I stumbled onto this 'hobby. I've only been involved for a little over 3 months as a 'scam baiter', and a little less than that as a 'romance scam baiter'.
I think it was during a period of boredom that I stumbled onto a link to a 'baiting' story at
I have a sense of humour, and justice, and decided to get involved. I initially tried some typical '419' baiting, and then drifted into the 'romance' scammers when I became aware of them. They are much easier to play with, and for a single heterosexual man, the pictures and letters can be 'interesting' at times!
I have been lonely, and 'horny' at times, and can understand how it's possible to be taken in by them. Actually, there have been a few I found myself wishing were 'real'! Sometimes I would spend more time trying to prove to myself they weren't a 'scammer', than I did looking for the evidence that they were one. A few times I had to detach myself from the 'romance', and let them 'get away'.
I apologize to anyone who may be offended by some comments I make in the course of 'working' these scammers. I am not a crude, or insensitive person. The majority of these
'ladies' are young and attractive. A few are older, and maybe not so attractive.
'Somebody' behind these women is a criminal. Any rude, lewd, or angry comments, or jokes,
I make about these 'ladies', is intended to ridicule the crooks who are actually behind these scams, and to make reading my reports enjoyable.
In many of these pictures, the 'ladies' depicted are victims as well. Some are not involved in any way with the scam attempts. My apologies to them if I offend them. Other 'ladies' are involved, or were involved, and deserve our scorn.
These 'ladies' are, in most cases, nothing more than a collection of pictures, and a set of letters. The collection of pictures are used over, and over, again, as are the pre-written letters.
Sometimes the lady is actively involved, but that is difficult to prove.
The letters, called 'scripts' in the hobby, are pre-written, sometimes marginally personalized, and interchanged with other sets of scripts and letters.
I've only been at this a short time, but am recognizing faces, and phrases, already.
I'm not the type of person to sit for hours playing video games, or computer games. I will sit for hours at a computer, 'baiting' these ladies, and researching them on the internet.
I like the 'brain work' it takes. I like the challenge of the hunt for evidence they are scammers. I wish I could say I am 'out smarting' them, but I'm really not. It's too easy to 'bait' them.
While I do enjoy doing this, at times it's tedious, and sad. Then, I remember that the information I publish on the 'net may help some potential victim save a little money, and a lot of heartache. That makes it worth it!

My 'name' is not intended to offend Blacks. It was chosen in a moment that was less than inspired. I was trying to come up with a known 'name' that would be somewhat humourous, and identifiable to most Americans. 'Stepan Fetchit' is not used in any correspondence with the
'ladies'. I use an assortment of 'cartoon character', and other names, for that.
These 'scammers' create a little fantasy world, that is easy to get sucked into. If you ever find yourself in contact with one, slap yourself in the face, wake up, cut them off, and spend time with 'real' people! You're better off!

Mari El chapter of STEPAN FETCHIT FAN CLUB elects new president!

You have to have a sense of humour, I think, when dealing with these scammers!
I have been in contact with OKSANA BELOUSOVA for about 2 and half months, and have a few hundred boring letters from her.
Did I say boring?
This picture showed up today at several of my characters email boxes around the same time.
It had some generic words of endearment on the 'sign'.
I could not pass up the opportunity for a little

(Note: Mari El is a Repubic in the 'Former Soviet Union' that is the home to a majority of the 'Russian Romance Scams'. OKSANA claims to be somewhere else, but her emails come from
Mari El. )

More info. on OKSANA BELOUSOVA at:

Self-help tips! Do you think you are being Scammed?

I'm compiling a directory of self-help tips and tools for determining if you are in contact with a romance scammer. This will be updated, and added to as I think of things to write about.

If you have a computer, you are capable of finding a lot of information on a possible scammer,
and saving yourself a lot of heartache, and some money!

The evidence is usually there. It's up to you to find it! You can decide if you want to be a victim, or not.

TIP! Think you're getting scammed? Google the email address!

Sometimes they'll show up on a scammer lists, or connect you to other information on the person you are writing!
If you've been in contact with a scammer, it's important to provide information on your 'sweetie' to the various 'scammer' sites. This makes the details searchable by the search engines, and may prevent another person from becoming a victim!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Nadejda Popova, (in progress) SUSPECTED SCAMMER

Just for kicks, since they're so rare, (middle aged scammer) I will answer the letter sent from this lady at a large dating site.

A check of her email headers show the email originated from other than where she claims to be!

This is 'in progress', and the 'victims' name in the letters is removed and replaced with 'X's'.

Why a scam?
Along with the email header information, this lady has sent 3 actual emails, and is suggesting an
assignation, with a man she has never seen a single picture of!

More pictures and letters at: