Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Marina Perminova has died! (not really!)

Marina has died!
No, not really!
She is alive and well on her other email accounts!
Marina is a product of a scammer group in Mari El. Mari El is a republic in the Former Soviet Union.
Most of these scams are conducted by men.
You will never meet this lady, or see her corpse!
Marina uses many email accounts, and is on many dating sites.
If you see her face, you are dealing with a scammer!
She is probably a local girl paid to pose for these pictures, or may be part of the scam, but you will never meet her!


Hello mine John. I am very glad to that that you have not given up to me in to help,
lovely mine I am sick a cancer of a stomach, lovely I if you may send me money about
please send me money through the western union for name Belle Sofya the country Russia
street Tver the house 46 apartment 114. after you will send me money came to me a full
name the country and city. And MTCN a code. It would be necessary to me for that what to
take away money. Please to help me. I wait for the answer.


Hello. it is friend Marina, I want to tell you that Marina was lost because of a cancer, and before death she has given
me the password on the mail a box and would ask that I have written to you the letter, and she has still told that at it
you most are close which person she liked, and would tell that I have asked money to its funeral for you! Send money so
much how many can, please send money through the western union for my name Belle Sofya, the country Russia, city of
Saint Petersburg street 67 apartment 187 New the house and after will send money write to me how many have sent, your
full name the country the address this information is necessary for me for that that I could to take away money. And
on it I shall finish and I hope that you will help with funeral.