Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sometimes Oksana gets right to the point......

When I first started writing 'Oksana', she was capable of boring you to death with her letters!

I was near insanity after 4 weeks or her dribble!

She seems to be in a hurry, now, and closes in for the kill much quicker.

Here she professes 'love' for an unseen man by the second letter, who doesn't write for over 2 months, then in her third letter, she must meet him!

Is this woman worth $500???

This is 'Elena', who claims to be in Murmansk.
She is one hot mama, and I would gladly spend every penny I had on her if she were 'real', and really in love with me, and within 10 feet of me!!!!

The problem is, the pictures are of some 'real' model, but not the person who is writing the letters.
Of course, if I send 'her' $500, nobody is coming to visit me.......this girl, or anybody else.

APRIL 4 Hello my future husband XXXX!!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. Your letters warm my soul. Loved you can help me with money. If you can that send please money through the Western union. 500 dollars are necessary to me that I could arrive to you. I think that you too want me to see? I shall wait from you the letter. Yours Lena.

Full 'romance' at: http://russianromancescammers.forumup.org/viewtopic.php?t=10&mforum=russianromancescammers

Oksana Belousova writes of her PASSION for Elmer Fudd!

This letter is a week or so old, but she sent the 'cheesecake' picture to 'Elmer' yesterday, when she asked him for money.
Yes, the language is strange.......

March 25 Hello my lovely Elmer. Today such good and pleasant day my lovely.
At night I have woken up that someone has touched me. I have opened eyes and
before me there was you. I do not know it now was dream or a reality. But like
it dream if it was in a reality where you have got to in the morning. But it
seemed to me, as if I do not sleep and to me occur actually. It was very
pleasant for me to feel your presence with me in my dreams. Pleasantly and
desiredly. It seemed to me. That I already at you and you stand near to a bed
where I slept. You have sat down on edge of a bed and have carried out the
gentle hands on my person. And from these gentle a touch I have woken up. Has
sat down on a bed and looked in you in eyes, and you looked in mine. In depth of
the soul, I understood that it is dream, but sometimes I was visited with an
idea, and it may not dream and I do not sleep. And may I sleep. You not ceasing
ironed my hands, my person, I answered it reciprocity, smiling in the answer to
your gentle touches. For certain I understood, that it was simply dream of which
I did not want to wake up, I wanted that it last eternally. To feel your
presence near to yourself and that you always were a number both in dream and in
a reality. You spoke me gentle and beautiful words from which my heart was
inspired and wanted to escape from a breast and to flit in the sky, enjoying
happiness. You made it so gently and so pleasantly. Ironed my ears from which on
my body there passed a pleasant wave of tenderness and pleasure. Fingered my
hair, ironed them. Then you were slowly pulled to me and have kissed me. From
gentle a touch of your lips to mine, I tested such pleasure. We kissed, we
kissed long, I would not like, that it did not come to an end never. Then, you
have gently pushed away me and have spoken to me, " - are fast, I shall kiss you
on the present. " These words till now in my head. I do not know, whether there
was it any prediction or it was simply dream. But it was. These words let know
to me that we necessarily shall meet also to this will not prevent what
hurricane, a tsunami or any other natural phenomenon. And not who will not stop
me, neither who and not that in this world. Nor who. My lovely Elmer. and after
that you as though have evaporated. I have opened eyes, yes I have woken up. Has
woken up already on the present. Also has understood, that I simply slept also
to me the dream similar to a reality dreamed. But words which you to me have
spoken, till now in my head my lovely, till now. When I have looked for a while,
was already 15 minutes to 11. with this dream have passed so much time, that I
even was surprised, that I so long slept, and dream was such small, but such
pleasant. Lovely mine you always in my ideas and in my heart, always. But I
would not like to wake up, I would like to close eyes once again and to present
it once again. But I have risen, have had a meal and have gone to Internet -
cafe as I knew, I felt, that you have written to me and I ran, I flied more soon
to answer your letter my lovely, more soon.... Telling about the today's dream
my lovely Elmer, I at all have not asked as you, that you feel, how your health,
as your relatives and relatives. I hope at you everything is all right, all is
good. at me too all well my lovely, even weather of me very much pleases, it
today warm, even the sun shines. Lovely mine, on it I shall finish the small
letter and with the big impatience I shall wait from you for your letter which
to me will bring pleasure my lovely. I very much on you miss my dear and I wait
that this dream has happened in a reality. I shall wait from you for your
letter, yours Oksana.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oksana Belousova writes love letters to Elmer Fudd

This is part of our concerted effort to slow down one RUSSIAN ROMANCE SCAMMER, and maybe put her out of business, or at least cost her a few paychecks.
Here, we have a report from ELMER FUDD, who presents the love letters OKSANA BELOUSOVA is sending him.
Please, never send money to this lady!!!!!
She enjoys writing men, I'm sure she'd like to hear from you at:

Never send money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!