Monday, March 27, 2006

Alex, and OKSANA BELOUSOVA, the LOVE story!

This is kind of fun, since you can see the COMPLETE record of all communication between a 'scambaiter', known as 'Alex', and a SCAMMER, Oksana Belousova.
While she has NO idea how old 'Alex' is, or what he looks like, she sends him many pictures, and 'falls in love'!
This 'scambait' is noteworthy, since it presents the first passport image from Oksana I've seen, as well as her 'money letter', where she asks for money to be sent to a THIRD party, 'fake' travel agent.
This woman/man/whatever is scum. She/he/it is virtually a scamming robot.

I now suspect the woman in the pictures is involved in the criminal activity. She has recently sent out a picture with her pointing to a '2006' calendar.

She is on MANY internet dating sites!

If you see a picture of this lady, you are dealing with a SCAMMER!

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Oksana Belousova Photo Gallery at:

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