Monday, October 16, 2006

Oksana Belousova, New email address, same old scam!

Same old scam. I ignored her for a few months, then sent a simple 'hi' email. She picked back up where we left off. New email address, though.

Her hair is a different color, again, in this bad picture, with a different cat!

Never send this scammer money!

September 29.

"It you have ceased to me to write. I did not forget you."

October 1

Hello my beloved XXX.

I was very glad to see your letter today my lovely which has very much pleased me and the
pleasure has presented me. At me all is good, all is simply wonderful. I hope, as at you
too all affairs go wonderfully my lovely. How your day today how you have carried out
it??? Lovely mine, you simply do not imagine. As I want to be near to you to appear most
likely in your gentle and tender embraces. Lovely mine, tomorrow I shall go in
the tourist company in details to find out all and when I can submit my documents for
preparation of them that I might leave to you. Also I would like to ask you my lovely that
you have informed me about the most international airport nearest to you that I could find
out exact details of the ticket and also its cost. And then I shall inform you my lovely.
I hope, that these news are pleasant for you. On it I shall finish the letter and with the
big impatience I shall wait from you for the answer my lovely. Yours Oksana.

October 3

Hello my beloved XXX... With today was in travel agency, and has found out
about full cost of the air ticket to arrive to you. I should fly all over again to Moscow,
and then from Moscow to you. Full cost of the air ticket 650 euro. My darling if you
can send me this money in a week I tomorrow shall submit documents on manufacturing of my
airport of medical insurance, visas. In a week, these 650 euros my darling will be
necessary for me. You can me with it my darling in a week that I could reserve the ticket.
Yours Oksana.

October 8

Hello my darling XXX
I am again glad to write to you the letter which I hope will
bring to you pleasure. But where you again were gone my darling why again has ceased to
write??? I hope, what at you all is fine also you well itself feel??? How has passedyour
day off, than you were engaged my darling??? I'm fine, all my business go is remarkable.
If it is fair, I am very glad to that you again have started to write to me. But I wish to
tell, that I do not want again long correspondence, I would like to meet and find out more
likely with you you any more under those our letters which we write each other as it
nevertheless does not give us of full representation about each other. I hope, what you
agree with it my darling??? And consequently, I would not like to pull and postpone ours
with you a meeting to meet earlier. In fact so we can understand and find out each other
better and it will be much more pleasant to us to see an alive image before eyes, than a
photo. I also hope, that you will give me the answer to my last letter my darling, you
will help me with the ticket or not... I very much hope, that you with it will help me my
darling because I very much wish to be with you.

I shall finish the small letter and with big impatience I shall wait for a news from you.
I hope, this letter will bring to you pleasure and my love. Your beloved Oksana.

October 11

Hello my beloved XXXXX I am happy to write again to you the letter which will
bring to you pleasure. I am very glad to read your letter which has very much pleased me
my darling, and I am happy to write to you. I am glad that at you all well. As has passed
today your day, as your mood. I'm fine, I am remarkable myself I feel my darling. Your
letter has raised to me mood and has warmed to me the heart, flaring love to you.

Does not pass day, hour, minute and second, that I do not think of you. To me and in the
truth very much, it is very strong you there is no my darling, my precious.

You simply do not represent my darling, today we had first frosts, and was very cold in
the morning, but by a dinner weather has a little become warmer. Yes. Soon a winter, I
think, that the first snow will already soon drop out. And how at you with weather??? Soon
again all will become covered by circle a snow, white white.

Also I have put a copy of the passport my lovely, but it only the Russian passport when I
shall receive foreign, I can send and this. As to that. How to transfer money I too about
it thought my lovely. I went to bank to find out, how it can be made. Lovely I, you was
necessary to hear about the Western Union. So as to me have advised to take advantage in
bank of services of bank of the Western Union. It appears to be made very easily. My data
will be necessary for this purpose for you, for whose name you can send money and when you
will send money. That you should give me the data on which you have sent money and also
mtsn a code which to you will give by transfer of money. My data on which you can send
money my lovely.

Country Russia.
City of Ulyanovsks.
Belousova Oksana.

My dear, favourite, on this place I shall finish the letter, and with big impatience I
shall wait from you for the answer. Well, I shall wait very much from you for the answer
my darling, yours Oksana.

(passport scan included. Another copy of one of the TWO I have for her! )

October 12

My loved, most good and best person!!!

I write you the letter my lovely and it I hope will warm your heart, and my photos, will
please your lovely eyes which I shall send you. As though you knew the sun, that I very
much on you miss and am very strong you I like. My loved boy why so the destiny is severe,
arrived with me and with you including. I suffer that can not be now with you. That I love
you, and this love is meek. Speak, that it is necessary to struggle and achieve the
happiness for love, I with it completely agree, but when already struggle for love very
long, simply there are no forces to go further, to struggle further, to go forward. It is
now difficult for me without you, simply my heart has stopped. You know, the SUN, and I
think, that you will be mine and only mine. Now I began more good-natured, due to this
case. I of you very much, very strongly like. Only you one are necessary for me in this
life. I remember each day, and each conversation, simply such to overlook it is
impossible! I like, whole.

Lovely mine, on it I shall finish the letter though I very much do not want it, but it is
time me home my lovely, but I do not want to leave. Because being here, I feel your
presence. Lovely mine, I shall wait from you for your letter my lovely. Lovely mine, I so
on you miss.

Yours Oksana.

October 15

Hello my beloved XXXX I am very glad to your letter with which me has very much pleased. At me all is good, I
have wonderfully carried out the days off, simply enjoying rest of a house, watching TV
and listening to music. And has now come in Internet - cafe to write to you the letter and
to share the mood, because it at me excellent. I hope, as at you too all wonderfully my
By the way, you imagine. At us the first snow today has dropped out, not so it is a lot of
certainly, but nevertheless has dropped out. Has quickly put on and has left
on street to feel it. As has left on street, has cast away a head slightly back and
enjoyed that as snow is silent to lie down on my person and thaws. It was so pleasantly.
But then it was finished. But it means, that winter already absolutely beside and is soon
all completely will become covered by snow.
And how at you affairs with weather my lovely are???
Lovely mine XXX, I shall execute your desire that you did not worry, I shall write your
name on a paper, I shall make a photo and I shall send you, Ok???
Though I today more than once about you thought my lovely. I grieve without you, and it is
very difficult for me to be without you. Ideas, that you - there and I - here force me to
feel a pain. You - my life now, and you know it. I want to study your deep eyes, full
emotions to touch you, to kiss you. I know, that all will be at us, and we shall be happy
together. I frequently imagine our remarkable life together. I can feel you even on such
big distance which we have between the friend the friend. But I want to remove this
distance. I so want to be with you.
Lovely my, precious for my heart, on it I shall finish the letter and with the big
impatience I shall wait from you for your letters. Which deliver to me huge pleasure my
lovely. I love you. Yours Oksana.

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