Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This is a new persona from a scammer group in Mari El. This picture was sent to me by mistake, as another girl the scammer group is responsible for. I stumbled upon the scam report on her at, and the pieces fell together. NEVER SEND MONEY!

These scammers have the money for a satellite internet connection, (Planetsky) and have at least 10 'personas' I've been able to identify!

Don't send money!!!!!

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Svetlana said...

My name is Svetlana Silina. I am from Russia and use the Bat.
I've found your blog by a scamm fighter's link. I am a journalist and now editing a book about dating scam.
The information you give here is pretty interesting. I would be really happy to talk to you. I have questions on scammer's work and need more details.
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Best wishes