Saturday, March 31, 2007

GAY scammer information needed!

Elena, at needs help collecting information about GAY scammers from Mari El!
These are usually the same scammers that do the 'ladies', it's not usually a gender preference's all about stealing money!

If you have some information, or means to spread the word in the Gay community, please help!

More info at:Russian-Detective Forum


Anonymous said...


A man named semyon zapevalov allegedly gay wrote to me from lives in Ulyanovsk but then asks for money for flights etc and to send money to bank account in name of marina lazutina

hopes this helps

Bruno said...

a man had been writing to me by the given name of Slav (Yaroslav Odincov). He gave as his address: Peschannaya St., 62, Do vostrebovanija, Ulyanovsk 432022. His e-mail address is The IP address/domain information is:
1. IP address:

2. Host:

3. city for site: moscow

4. contact phone number (Russia) 7 927 6825652

5. contact e-mail:

6. Contact name: Sergej V Smirnov

7 city he lives in: Chkarino

He sent what seemed like prewritten letters, but i'm sure his english is also fairly accomplished. All went well until he e-mailed me saying he was in Moscow at a visa agency with uncle and he needed me to send money to him under the name of "Dmitriy Chaldyshkin" because of some supposed tax he would have to pay for it, and that he needed this for a roundtrip ticket otherwise the agency would not approve visa. I contacted russian travel agencies here in this country and they all said it is not a good idea to do this, and that I could pay for the ticket here and send e-mail...that visa agencies would be ok with an e-mailed proof of ticket.

Anonymous said...

Is it also the habit to phone you to have a lovely discussion?
I met a young Russian guy from Tuymen Russia & he even gave me his telephone number to phone him on.
When I phoned he didn't answer ...

Anonymous said...

How did he find me of all peopple?? I was cruising the internet one afternoon on a gay sex site,, and i got an email form someone i never talked to before,, in Dankov, Russia. He was cute, so I sad hello back(to be polite) and we exchanged emails. He has emailed me every day since sending letters and pictures. He wants to come visit... and has asked for money for a ticket....I know, I know. Is there any way to cover myself own travel agent...?????? Please help


veta smith said...

my brother was scammed from 2 men calling their name Egor Astukov Lesnaya street21 Gorodets Russia and Nikloay Loktev Lomonosova street 56 moscow 129366. not only did they talk him out of money and smuggling packages for them we found him hung by the rafters in his apartment when he decided to no longer send them packges from the US. His death was ruled and accident. I cant get local police or FBI to return any of my emails. if you can help me please do so by emailing me to if you have ever heard of these men.

Anonymous said...

my brother was found hung over these russian gay scammers. they took his money and had him to smuggle packages out of the USA to Russia so that his love could get enough money for a visa to come live with him. when he no longer does this the emails stopped and he was found dead. dont mess with these liars and murderers.

Alexxander Genntellman said...

I'm from Argentina. In 2009 a guy Called "Semyon Pevalov" from Russia had a 2 months relation by email with me and at the end (i thinked he can travel to argentina) and request me for account in my bank.I allways asking for his telephone or addres for send him a postcard and he never respond me about it... This is his email:

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

His name is Stepan Loveli, his email address is

I removed my previous comment because I forgot to add part of the name of the email. Whoever this is knows my city and state. I feel I'm in danger, or not? I blocked them when I realized.

I believe he's a part of the Mari El criminal organization after doing my homework...