Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oksana Belousova, Oksana1976, Oksana28, Oksana03

Oksana Belousova is a prolific romance scammer, lurking on many internet dating sites. She uses the ID
'Oksana1976' and 'Oksana03', 'Oksana376', and now 'Oksana28'.
"I decent and sociable girl" appears in most of her dating site profiles.
(Update:new profiles are being modified and may not contain this phrase! )
Email addresses used are:

Do not send her gifts, or money! You will never meet her!
Extensive Photo collection at:
Samples of her letters at:

Some pictures:


Russian Romance Scammers said...

My lovely, my beloved Fred!

I so again am happy to write to you the letter, my love I so am strong on you I miss also
very strongly I want to you and to be only with you, my love I so strongly love you, that
you simply may not imagine it, my lovely as your affairs as pass your days, my lovely I
are very strong on you I miss and very much I grieve, my love to me so is lonely without
you, want to be only with you, my love I love you.

My lovely Fred, I each day think only of you about our meeting, about that as we
live together and that as we are happy, I dream to carry out each day only with you, you
see I so am strong you I like and want to be with you and to love only you, only you mine
beloved, my love I do not know that to me to make, as to me my love, to us is necessary to
think of our meeting, when she at us will be, my love to us is necessary all to decide and
to consider, you see to us is necessary to meet, as our correspondence may not proceed
eternally, my love I can not without you live and think of you, I of you love and want to
love only you, my love I can not live this life without you, I did not know, that in the
Internet is possible to find the love, but it with me was possible and now I do not know
that to me to make, my love if you do not want, that I arrived to you may be you to me
will arrive, I can you meet in Moscow, and then we can go to me is farther to live, live
and think of you, My love I ask you, consider all and decide that us further to make, my
love I love you.

My lovely, I love you and am ready always you to speak it, my lovely I all time think only
of you and I can not live without you, I love you and I shall expect your letter, you my
love, and I love you.

For ever your love, forever yours Oksana

Russian Romance Scammers said...

Update! Also using OKSANA28 on dating sites!

Russian Romance Scammers said...

Also using Oksana376, at

Russian Romance Scammers said...

UPDATE: I do have in my posession a 'money letter', and passport scan from Oksana Belousova.
They will be published, soon!
Stepan F.