Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why I do this?

I can't remember now exactly how I stumbled onto this 'hobby. I've only been involved for a little over 3 months as a 'scam baiter', and a little less than that as a 'romance scam baiter'.
I think it was during a period of boredom that I stumbled onto a link to a 'baiting' story at
I have a sense of humour, and justice, and decided to get involved. I initially tried some typical '419' baiting, and then drifted into the 'romance' scammers when I became aware of them. They are much easier to play with, and for a single heterosexual man, the pictures and letters can be 'interesting' at times!
I have been lonely, and 'horny' at times, and can understand how it's possible to be taken in by them. Actually, there have been a few I found myself wishing were 'real'! Sometimes I would spend more time trying to prove to myself they weren't a 'scammer', than I did looking for the evidence that they were one. A few times I had to detach myself from the 'romance', and let them 'get away'.
I apologize to anyone who may be offended by some comments I make in the course of 'working' these scammers. I am not a crude, or insensitive person. The majority of these
'ladies' are young and attractive. A few are older, and maybe not so attractive.
'Somebody' behind these women is a criminal. Any rude, lewd, or angry comments, or jokes,
I make about these 'ladies', is intended to ridicule the crooks who are actually behind these scams, and to make reading my reports enjoyable.
In many of these pictures, the 'ladies' depicted are victims as well. Some are not involved in any way with the scam attempts. My apologies to them if I offend them. Other 'ladies' are involved, or were involved, and deserve our scorn.
These 'ladies' are, in most cases, nothing more than a collection of pictures, and a set of letters. The collection of pictures are used over, and over, again, as are the pre-written letters.
Sometimes the lady is actively involved, but that is difficult to prove.
The letters, called 'scripts' in the hobby, are pre-written, sometimes marginally personalized, and interchanged with other sets of scripts and letters.
I've only been at this a short time, but am recognizing faces, and phrases, already.
I'm not the type of person to sit for hours playing video games, or computer games. I will sit for hours at a computer, 'baiting' these ladies, and researching them on the internet.
I like the 'brain work' it takes. I like the challenge of the hunt for evidence they are scammers. I wish I could say I am 'out smarting' them, but I'm really not. It's too easy to 'bait' them.
While I do enjoy doing this, at times it's tedious, and sad. Then, I remember that the information I publish on the 'net may help some potential victim save a little money, and a lot of heartache. That makes it worth it!

My 'name' is not intended to offend Blacks. It was chosen in a moment that was less than inspired. I was trying to come up with a known 'name' that would be somewhat humourous, and identifiable to most Americans. 'Stepan Fetchit' is not used in any correspondence with the
'ladies'. I use an assortment of 'cartoon character', and other names, for that.
These 'scammers' create a little fantasy world, that is easy to get sucked into. If you ever find yourself in contact with one, slap yourself in the face, wake up, cut them off, and spend time with 'real' people! You're better off!

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