Saturday, November 04, 2006

The BAT! goes a-wandering!

'The Bat!' is the favorite email handling program of Russian scammers! If you look in the email headers of the letters they send, you will see it in over 90% of the headers! It is a RELIABLE indicator you are dealing with a scammer!
Now, the producer of 'The Bat!', has added a new version, called 'Voyager'.
It is the same as 'The Bat', but there will be no reference to the older program in the headers, BUT, VOYAGER, and a version number will show up in it's place!

EXAMPLE, from header: X-Mailer: Voyager (v3.86.03) Professional

If you see 'The Bat!' or 'Voyager' in the email headers, you are dealing with a scammer!


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