Saturday, June 17, 2006

Olesya, Kazan

Olesya appears to be another product of the 'Orphan' Group. She's using a satellite internet connection, and sending out pretty typical 'script' letters.
Here's her 'intro' letter:

Hello POTENTIAL VICTIM!!! I would like to write you reply and I hope that it my letter will not without yourreplying. I hope that soon you can write to me the answer because I have really interested in you. Ialready wrote to you that I live in city Kazan ' which am located in the center Russia approximatelyin 1000 kilometers from Moscow. It is very beautiful city. Why I have come to internet for findsoulmate for myself? It was not absolutely my decision because I have one girlfriend which now toocorresponds with the man from your country and she has told me that men from your country appreciatewomen than Russian mans more. I do not want to have the Russian husband because then I will beexpected with bad destiny. I shall think only of that how to provide the family because in Russiathe salary even having education of university is impossible to have good life. I have education ofuniversity in a trade marketing and advertising, but unique work that I could find it the seller insmall shop. I do not want to tell that I do not like my country, but it not seems to me that here Ireally can have good life for myself and my future children. Besides I had some bad experience ofrelations with Russian men. I think in the Internet I can I shall find the man of my dream withwhich is happy to create family. I am 30, my birthday is 21th, June. I have long light brown hairand blue-grey yes, but I hope you will see more about my appearance on my photo that I have send youwith it letter. Are you like it my photo? Please write me about it in your reply. I also want tolearn more about you, your country, your work? I want to know how you live, please send me photo ofyou, may be of your home and may be some else photo. I would like to see it. What still to tell you about itself? I very much like to dance and read interesting books. My likedgenre of books are adventures, sometimes I even like to read children books. I like to listen pop orclassical music depending on mine mood. I was never married and I have no any children. All myfamily is only my mum who now lives in Zelenodolsk. It is approximately in 40 kilometers fromKazan'. I frequently visit her. I rent an apartment and unfortunately I have no here the phone butif you want to speak with me, you may send me your phone number and I shall try to call to you froma telephone exchange. If you are interested about me with something specially you may ask me aboutit in your following letter and I shall try to answer all your questions. I hope that the bigdistance between us will not prevent us to start to build our relations, by the way if you want youmay name Lesya. So I am named by all my girlfriends. By the way which I send a photo to you mygirlfriend made. I shall try to tell to you little bit more about my work one of the followingletters. (I hope it not last my letter to you and this beginning of long relations between us). Iwith impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. Your new girlfriend Olesya or Lesya if youwant.

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