Monday, April 17, 2006

Almaz Gabdullin, SCAMMER!

This is the faked, internal Passport of 'Almaz Gabdullin'. Almaz poses as a 'travel and visa' agent for several girls, including Oksana Belousova, Marina Perminova, and Gulnur. (More suspected!)
All of these identities are the product of scammers, and it's suspected it's one, scammer group.
VICTIMS will be directed to contact 'Almaz' to arrange for payments of Travel, and VISA fees for the potential bride. The money is sent via Western Union, and the girl never arrives to meet her suitor.
If the victim seems willing to part with some money, other 'emergencies' may befall the lady, and payments for medical expenses, fines, or bribes, may be requested.
You are not dealing with the girl in the pictures, and/or, she has NO intention of meeting you!
ALMAZ uses the following email addresses:
IF you have sent money to this man, there is little chance of prosecution, or getting any of your money back. It is important that you report this crime!

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