Friday, April 21, 2006

Elenka81, Suspected Scammer

This is Elena, who uses the email
She was active on several dating sites. The information we have is from her contact with one potential victim.
She appears to be another product of the same people that bring us Oksana Belousova, Marina Perminova, Gulnur, Almaz, and probably more, once we can identify them.
IP in the early emails pointed to Mari El. Her latest letter indicates she has switched to the same satellite internet service 'Oksana and friends' are using. That, and a similarity in letters, leads us to believe she's just another 'persona' of this group.
If you have any information on this 'lady', please report it! VICTIM reports for this group are scarce! Prosecution is unlikely, but not impossible!

Never send money to these ladies!
The story may be 'sweet', but the ending won't be happy!


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