Friday, April 21, 2006

Can I send her to the 'bank' a third time?

This is Elena, who claims to be in Murmansk, but really is in Mari El! The pictures 'she' sends are of some lovely model, and are not of the person writing the steamy letters! I've given her two fake Western Union money transfer numbers so far, and am trying for a third. This means, 'somebody', has to go to a local bank, and attempt to claim the money. Usually, the scammers use a local prostitute, or female cohort to do this, using minimal fake ID.
'Elena' has made the trip twice, but has come away empty handed!
Can I make her go again?
Stay tuned!

Note:Sending 'false' money transfer numbers is just one method of harrassing known scammers. It takes some effort to go to try to collect the money, plus, they can't show up too often, or they'll raise suspicions! Posting information on them on the internet is another means to expose them, and possibly warn a potential victim.

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