Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tanya Sosnina, new face?

Tanya seems to be a product of the same group that gives us Oksana Belousova, Marina Perminova, Gulnur, and 'Almaz, the Agent'.
IP, and version of 'The Bat!' are the same.
She is also using the German/Iran satellite internet provider.
We're early into collecting letters and pictures of 'Tanya', but she needs to be posted, to warn potential victims.
Tanya Sosnina
Birthdate: April 15
The BAT! Version: 1.62r
IP: (Satellite Internet service)

Follow the letters at:

Be careful on internet dating and chat sites! These 'women' are everywhere! You are NOT writing the pretty girl in the pictures, but a criminal in Mari El!


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