Monday, April 17, 2006

Are the girls in the pictures the actual scammer?

Usually not! The pictures of the pretty girls are just a tool used by criminals to steal money! Rarely is the girl involved in any way.
Sometimes the pictures are stolen from the internet, and may be of models, or TV and movie stars. (In Russia)
Sometimes, local girls are paid a little money to pose for sets of pictures. Less frequently, the girl is associated with the scammers, or the actual scammer.
It's difficult to detach the pretty face and name from the scam, particularily when talking about it. I know 'Natasha' may not be involved, but, there's not a more convenient method to describe the scam attempt.
Just remember, you are most likely NOT in communication with the girl, and will never meet the girl!
'She' is not looking for marriage, or love with somebody she met on the internet.
'She' just wants money!

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