Sunday, April 16, 2006

Oksana with a 'sign' picture!

Oksana Belousova, RUSSIAN ROMANCE SCAMMER, (and my 'project of the month') has produced a 'sign' picture, to prove her love for 'John Hart'.
Of course, she is also asking him to send her thousands of dollars, so she can fly to meet him, and marry him, or sleep with him, or.......whatever a 'victim' wants to think will happen when he sends money to one of these scammers!

Oksana has never seen a picture of 'John', and he has barely written a few paragraphs to her, but, greed is a powerful thing, and the smell of money has 'Oksana' saying anything to get it.
'Oksana' can't help it. She's just a loving person. At the moment, she's probably writing love letters to many men. She's just that kind of girl.....

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